Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012


Who said that my website was not updated for years?
Please visit me regularly to see an ever-changing website.

Every week I add small amount of new content or I change something (the rule apply now for www.teoalida.com only).
Also I added here the funny moments from my life... like a blog (funny stuff has been moved to www.teoalida.com/fun).

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2013 updates

Posted by Teoalida on January 1, 2013 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (183)

... and that's how the story ends!
This website no longer serve as my official personal page.
Architecture & Design was last part of my business website to be transferred to the new website www.teoalida.com during last days of December 2012.
The Webs Review, Webs Tricks, pages plus several stupid and unnesential pages such as Funny Chat will remain on this website. The only updates you will see now will be if something has changed in Webs.com services so I have to re-review it.


This website was started in April 2009 and reached over 50 pages and a peak traffic of over 230 daily visitors (monthly average for Oct 2012).
Now is visited by 10-20 people daily, mostly people who bookmarked it, and Webs.com users looking for tips & tricks.

October 2013:

removed the Portfolio from About Me page, which was a indigo copy of the About Me page of the new website, now it remained just few rows.

August 2014:

Rewrite of Webs.com review page with more harsh words, after a visitor reported me removal of Custom HTML module from free accounts.

Plus several small changes, news regarding Webs.com or adding more tips & tricks.

New website: TEOALIDA.COM

Posted by Teoalida on November 30, 2012 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Having a .com domain is everyone dream!
I bought domain teoalida.com one year ago, but to put it on Webs.com I would need to pay extra money. Anyway, having a domain name without having a proper hosting is a bit lame.
Webs.com is one of the most-limited hosting. See my own Webs.com Review. Only 500 MB monthly bandwidth for free users (only if exceeding with another 500 MB the website will be suspended until end of month).
The Singapore section of my website contribue with 70% of total website traffic.
I reached 100 daily visitors in January 2012 and exceeded these 500 MB. I made a poll and 60% people voted for upgrade bandwidth rather than moving Singapore-related stuff to Blogspot.
OK, I ugraded the bandwidth to 1.5 GB in March... but in September 2012 I reached 200 daily visitors and exceeded bandwidth once again. I have enough Webs Credits to buy 1GB bandwidth 3 more times, BUT... are you sure that this is the right thing to do?


So... I decided to make a NEW website from scratch
On URL teoalida.com using WordPress platform, hosted on 000webhost.com, free hosting with 100 GB of monthly bandwith, with possible future upgrade to hosting24.com, $4.84 per month.
I started it in August 2012, by posting The Sims 2 stuff, before transferring more serious content. Because if something goes bad and I need to set website down, to lose gaming kids instead of architecture business customers.
In Octomber 2012 I will move all content from teoalida.webs.com to teoalida.com.


This announcement has been made originally on 24 September 2012.


Anyone who is against changing URL or changing hosting, please leave a comment, contact me, etc.
Also see a Funny chat with a IDIOT who blame me for not putting teoalida.com on Webs!

Funny Chat: an IDIOT blame me for Teoalida.com

Posted by Teoalida on November 19, 2012 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

One "Webs.com user for 2 years" is showing a unbelievable high level of STUPIDITY


He blame me for paying $10 for domain name instead of getting FREE domain name using Webs Credits (BUT usable only on Webs-hosted websites).
I told him that I bought the domain teoalida.com, he blame me that I only thought that I bought, because the URL of this website is still teoalida.webs.com, instead of checking teoalida.com to realize that they are TWO WEBSITES hosted separately.
I have wrote the largest negative feedback in Webs forums, but he strike me saying that my own business have largest negative feedback. Even left a comment with fake screenshot where "Teoalida" was replaced with "idiotTeo"
Beside this, he is making websites for 2 years but have no idea what is website bandwidth, claim that told me a BIG SECRET which is nothing, I knew it and tried before, is not working, plus he is also talking a lot of bullshit.


I post entire chatlog for reference.
If you are lazy to read all, the funniest parts are RED!


Wednesday, 29 Aug, 2012
Landing page:
[19:52] Teoalida: Hello from website admin, if you need any help or just want to chat, reply here!
[19:52] Visitor: Are you online
[19:53] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[19:53] Teoalida: yes
[19:53] Visitor: How much credits can I earn using webs toolbar
[19:54] Teoalida: limited to 10 daily
[19:54] Teoalida: Didn't explained enough in this page?
[19:54] Visitor: No
[19:54] Visitor: Actually I earn 20 credits daily
[19:54] Teoalida: With 2 toolbars?
[19:54] Teoalida: And 5 free credits from credit shop?
[19:55] Teoalida: Webs.com toolbar was launched in octomber 2009 I think, we could earn 10 credits daily (beside the 5 credits available in Credit Shop)
[19:55] Teoalida: what is not enogh explained????
[19:56] Visitor: I installed webs toolbar both in I-explorer and Firefox
[19:56] Visitor: 10 from each browser I earn
[19:56] Teoalida: You have different versions of toolbar!
[19:56] Teoalida: Like what I had in the past
[19:56] Teoalida: I reinstalled Windows and now I have same version in both broswers
[19:56] Visitor: but now as you told 5 from credit shop then they will be 25 credits per day
[19:57] Teoalida: I do one search in one, got credited in any
[19:57] Teoalida: yes 25 credits daily I earned before reinstalling
[19:57] Teoalida: Anyway I don't care anymore.... this is the last time when using Webs
[19:57] Teoalida: I'm gonna move on www.teoalida.com made on 000webhost.com using Wordpress
[19:58] Teoalida: What do you think about Webs evolution and new SiteBuilder3?
[19:58] Teoalida: And show me your website too
[19:58] Visitor: I have two site with webs.com
[19:59] Visitor: www.pmpsdelhi.webs.com
[19:59] Visitor: www.myrealwings.webs.com
[19:59] Teoalida: School websites
[19:59] Teoalida: nothing too serious
[19:59] Teoalida: Do you see what is my website about?
[19:59] Visitor: Plz have a look these sites and do tell me what improvements do i need?
[20:00] Teoalida: My website exceeded bandwidth!
[20:00] Teoalida: 150 daily visitors and growing
[20:00] Teoalida: First, on second website there's toooo many colors
[20:01] Teoalida: I had dark (blue) background too on my website, but many visitors requested to change to white background
[20:02] Visitor: Ya, you are right, I also had thought of changing its background but
[20:02] Visitor: but there is lots of contents in yellow colour
[20:03] Teoalida: Emails should be not placed in website footer, too few people are looking here
[20:03] Visitor: in case I change its colour the yellow coloured texts will disappear almost on white background
[20:03] Teoalida: But why there's so much yellow text?
[20:03] Teoalida: Are you trying to make the biggest eye pain?
[20:04] Visitor: I'll try to change everything almost
[20:04] Visitor: but I don't like new sitebuilder3
[20:05] Teoalida: Games page offer pirate stuff
[20:05] Teoalida: I don't say that I am against piracy, but how your website wasn't already suspended?
[20:06] Teoalida: I know that Webs is strict about piracy
[20:06] Teoalida: How many visitors do you have?
[20:06] Visitor: But I took only their link, is it piracy if we advertise them
[20:07] Visitor: Is it piracy to use other links? I thought this is actually like an advertisement for them to be popular
[20:08] Teoalida: Providing links to ANY torrent website or direct links to pirated stuff is against Webs.com rules
[20:08] Teoalida: I had one Blogspot website suspended for that
[20:09] Teoalida: despite of several announcement "This website do not host any files, all files are hosted on third-party websites"
[20:09] Visitor: Can we get our site back after suspension?
[20:09] Teoalida: "if you like them, be nice and buy them"
[20:09] Teoalida: on Blogspot, NO
[20:09] Teoalida: on Webs.... no idea
[20:10] Teoalida: you can get the content of suspended website from Google Cache, and save it to repost on a new website
[20:10] Visitor: My daily visitors are about 150
[20:11] Visitor: How can I know about their activity on my sites what they do
[20:11] Teoalida: so like me?
[20:11] Teoalida: How much bandwidth do they use?
[20:11] Teoalida: Anyway my website have longer pages so use more bandwidth
[20:13] Visitor: What do mean by bandwidth, is it that they visits or download from my sites or the videos or pictures or contents we upload on sites ?? What/?
[20:13] Teoalida: Webs bandwidth
[20:13] Teoalida: that is only 500 MB
[20:13] Teoalida: although website suspension occurs only at 1000 mb
[20:13] Teoalida: I have 1500 MB bandwidth now
[20:13] Teoalida: used 1700 MB past month
[20:14] Teoalida: No idea if next suspension will occcur at 1500+500 MB or at 1500*2 MB
[20:14] Visitor: but they reset the bandwidth every month...
[20:14] Teoalida: Anyway, keep reading my website, starting from HOME page to see what it is about... i wait for some suggestions from you too
[20:14] Teoalida: And what did I said?
[20:15] Teoalida: I used 1700 MB PAST MONTH
[20:15] Visitor: ok
[20:15] Visitor: tell me how can I get free .com domain?
[20:15] Teoalida: Did you ever visited credits shop?
[20:16] Teoalida: free domain = 3000 credits
[20:16] Teoalida: but personally I PAID for teoalida.com
[20:16] Visitor: but it still shows webs.com
[20:16] Teoalida: This live chat is also PAID
[20:16] Visitor: teoalida.webs.com
[20:16] Teoalida: Yes, because I am disappointed that can't put domain on free Webs accounts
[20:17] Teoalida: That's why I am moving away from here
[20:17] Teoalida: I need either transfer domain to Webs (extra $15) either upgrade to premium
[20:17] Visitor: But you have paid for the same, will u get back your money
[20:17] Teoalida: I am NOT gonna pay any money to this shit hosting
[20:18] Visitor: You said ' personally I PAID for teoalida.com'
[20:18] Visitor: Did you get back your money?
[20:18] Teoalida: Can't edit <HEAD> even if I would be premium, can't have .htaccess, META tags are available only for premium
[20:19] Teoalida: Bandwidth is small as hell
[20:19] Visitor: You are right
[20:19] Teoalida: What you didn't understand?
[20:19] Visitor: So where are you now heading?
[20:19] Teoalida: I paid $10 for teoalida.com
[20:19] Teoalida: and put it on
[20:20] Teoalida: for FREE
[20:20] Teoalida: 100 GB bandwidth
[20:20] Teoalida: PHP allowed
[20:20] Visitor: your website ???
[20:20] Teoalida: yes
[20:20] Teoalida: all what is here will be moved on www.teoalida.com
[20:21] Teoalida: probably in 1 month
[20:21] Visitor: For free user how much bandwidth will be allowed
[20:21] Teoalida: I said 100 GB
[20:21] Visitor: Unbelievable
[20:22] Teoalida: Is probably the single FREE host that allow PHP necessary for Wordpress
[20:22] Teoalida: Do you know how many themes have Wordpress?
[20:22] Visitor: I have learned from somewhere that no website allows you so much bandwidth even to the paid user
[20:22] Teoalida: Yes, unbeliable.... I am agree to pay for such features that they offer from free
[20:23] Teoalida: Blogspot allows unlimited Bandwidth
[20:23] Teoalida: also have thousand of themes
[20:23] Teoalida: But it have a lot of other limitations
[20:23] Visitor: Agree with blogspot
[20:23] Teoalida: No storage space, can't host files
[20:24] Visitor: How much storage for paid user
[20:24] Teoalida: www.teoalida.webs.com/trafficstats.htm
[20:24] Teoalida: Blogspot don't offer paid services
[20:24] Teoalida: it is supported by Google
[20:25] Visitor: I mean oowebhost.com
[20:25] Teoalida: Check yourself
[20:26] Visitor: how much storage does www.000webhost.com provides to free and paid users
[20:27] Teoalida: Are you blind?
[20:28] Visitor: Are TERMS bandwidth and storage same
[20:28] Teoalida: Price $0.00 $4.84 / month Disk Space 1500 MB Unlimited Disk Space! Data Transfer 100 GB / month Unlimited Data Transfer!
[20:28] Teoalida: And stop wasting my time with such questions
[20:31] Visitor: What type of help you can provide me??
[20:31] Teoalida: btw, my website is ONLY 1.2 MB
[20:31] Teoalida: All photos are hosted on 3 third-party websites
[20:32] Teoalida: I don't need much storage, but bandwidth became a problem
[20:32] Teoalida: How much bandwidth use yours?
[20:32] Teoalida: Do you want to help you making a new website?
[20:32] Visitor: last month I checked it and it was around 498 mb
[20:33] Teoalida: Do you ever exceeded?
[20:33] Teoalida: or upgraded bandwidth with credits preventively?
[20:33] Visitor: no, but they gave me suspension notice
[20:34] Teoalida: Same at me
[20:34] Teoalida: since january 2012 got notice almost every month
[20:34] Visitor: I at once deleted many photos and videos from my site
[20:35] Visitor: I had 150 videos on my site, and after getting this notice I reduced them to 30
[20:35] Teoalida: Where are the videos hosted?
[20:35] Visitor: I just got the link from youtube
[20:35] Teoalida: Surprisely, .RAR files hosted on my Webs account are not counted in bandwidth
[20:36] Teoalida: Seems that only .htm files and perhaps .doc and .xls counts in bandwidth
[20:36] Teoalida: if just a link, you didn't need to delete them
[20:36] Teoalida: You may notice that after deleting them, you will not get much reduction of bandwidth usage
[20:37] Visitor: u r right, but after 7 days I got the result
[20:37] Visitor: May the result of resetting done by them or by deleting videos
[20:38] Teoalida: What was the result?
[20:38] Visitor: bandwidth came on 0
[20:39] Visitor: I also deleted lots of text contents at the same time...
[20:39] Visitor: to keep the existence of my site I deleted much more contents from site
[20:40] Teoalida: You're so idiot.... bandwidth came to 0 in same day each month
[20:40] Teoalida: I wanted to ask you what skill do you have in HTML, CSS, PHP, etc
[20:40] Teoalida: No longer matters
[20:40] Visitor: ya, i regretted that day
[20:40] Teoalida: If you don't even know that bandwidth is PER MONTH
[20:41] Visitor: The knowledge I got about site making is self efforts and previously no knowledge of the same
[20:41] Teoalida: How old is your website?
[20:42] Teoalida: I make websites since 4 years ago
[20:42] Visitor: myrealwings.webs.com is 2 years old but I started working June 2011
[20:43] Teoalida: Also yours look like default template
[20:43] Teoalida: my one is customized
[20:43] Teoalida: sidebar moved on left, fonts and background changed
[20:43] Teoalida: 47 static pages
[20:45] Visitor: ya you are right but I have made it with no experience at all with no knowledge of HTML, CSs etc.
[20:45] Teoalida: I see
[20:45] Teoalida: That's why these idiots removed HTML and CSS modes for SiteBuilder3
[20:45] Teoalida: most of Webs users are kids with no knowledge
[20:46] Teoalida: but I expect that kids are unable to pay for hosting
[20:46] Teoalida: So how will they survive, without providing hosting services for professionals?
[20:47] Visitor: Ya, u r right, u can check pmpsdelhi.webs.com, I have used html commands and css commands , proof is scrolling text, blinking navigation bar, googlemap of school
[20:47] Visitor: That's all with self efforts with no help from no body...
[20:49] Visitor: With little time... I achieved so much, and you got 150 visitors in 4 years but I got in 1 year because I started working on my site from June 2011, before this duration I couldn't understand what to do with my site which I made in 2010
[20:50] Teoalida: saw this? http://support.webs.com/webs/topics/new_sitebuilder_sb3_is_here?page=3
[20:50] Teoalida: Ctrl+F and search Teoalida
[20:50] Teoalida: I have the LARGEST negative feedback (largest negative feedback about Webs SiteBuilder3)
[20:50] Teoalida: I got 100 daily visitors after 1 year
[20:50] Teoalida: no idea what hapened after
[20:51] Teoalida: Also, depend of content... you offer pirated stuff, I offer design services = MONEY
[20:51] Visitor: I tried on sitebuilder3, but I didn't like it, I like HTML website as I can change them according to my needs
[20:51] Teoalida: Many people love piracy but not many are looking for designers
[20:53] Visitor: Actually I tell you honestly, so far nobody has downloaded any game from my site...
[20:53] Teoalida: I reached 1000 visits in 2 MONTHS only with a Blogspot site offering pirated stuff
[20:54] Teoalida: before website being suspended
[20:54] Visitor: I just target the special thing I can't explain to anybody
[20:54] Teoalida: So I am not surprised to have only 150 visitors on your website
[20:54] Teoalida: but how do you know that nobody downloaded?
[20:55] Visitor: That's too a secret, sorry, I always keep my mind searching for new
[20:56] Visitor: I told you how i earn 20 credits each day, it's enough for you to know this secret, instead you are limited to 10 credits
[20:57] Teoalida: Doesn't work if I have same version of credits toolbar
[20:58] Teoalida: I explained enough on this page
[20:58] Teoalida: btw, I accumulaed 3000 credits, suggest me what to do with them
[20:59] Visitor: you better to get .com domain with these accumulation of 3000 credits
[20:59] Teoalida: the domain I have bought from 8 months ago
[21:00] Visitor: you think that you have bought it, but dear check your url it still shows teoalida.webs.com
[21:00] Teoalida: You idiot...
[21:00] Teoalida: I told you to check my new website
[21:00] Teoalida: I don't see any visitor from India so you DID NOT checked
[21:01] Visitor: So what are you doing here, tell me why don't you work on your site
[21:02] Visitor: I think you should care teoalida.com more than teoalida.webs.com
[21:04] Teoalida: YOU IDIOT... I repeat: I have bought domain
www.teoalida.com from name.com, intended to use it for Webs.com but then I noticed that this is not possible, without transfering it that means extra money, and I don't want to pay a single cent to this shit hosting, so now I started a NEW website on Teoalida.com using 000webhost.com and I will move everything in about 1 month
[21:05] Visitor: Ok, I already got it, I just doubted what you do here
[21:06] Visitor: And moreover I can't see any advertisement about your new website on this page except this online window...
[21:09] Teoalida: Why I should advertise now?
[21:09] Teoalida: also, why I should speed up the moving?
[21:12] Teoalida: "tell me why don't you work on your site" <--- LOL??!! are you meaning about the NEW website? how you know that I don't work without visiting it?
[21:12] Teoalida: You could notice, all posts have date as August 2012, so I work at it
[21:25] Visitor 23321740 has left the conversation

Update: I started the new website on 8 August 2012 and I made the first public announcement of new website on 24 September 2012 when I finalized testing phase and moved The Sims 2 section.
The above chatlog is from 29 August 2012, why I should advertise an under-construction website?

Someone wasted $120 on Webs

Posted by Teoalida on November 9, 2012 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Someone paid $120 for Webs Premium account, without testing the Webs' (lack of) features using a free account, and now totally regret it!

Thursday, 30 May, 2013
[20:33] Visitor: hey!
[20:33] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[20:33] Teoalida: what's up?
[20:34] Visitor: so i'm making a site on webs.com...
[20:34] Visitor: and it's about funny videos
[20:36] Visitor: can tou give some tips?
[20:36] Visitor: you*
[20:36] Teoalida: which tips?
[20:36] Teoalida: I wrote in this page the most-frequent asked tips
[20:36] Teoalida: Do you need anything more?
[20:36] Visitor: okay than, it's good!
[20:37] Teoalida: btw, I wonder what made you to choose Webs
[20:39] Visitor: i dont know... it's a simple way to make professional site... and tried all that software but its too difficult.
[20:39] Teoalida: Give me example of what is too difficult
[20:40] Visitor: in webs you get your domain name and all that stuff in one time... with software you need to connect it with your domain name and blahblahblah... :-)
[20:41] Teoalida: Keep reading www.teoalida.webs.com/webscomreview.htm too
[20:41] Teoalida: What domain name you get here?
[20:41] Teoalida: Don't say that you paid Webs 30+$ for domain name
[20:42] Visitor: i totaly paid 124$ for te pro account
[20:42] Visitor: the*
[20:42] Teoalida: OMG!!
[20:42] Visitor: what?
[20:42] Teoalida: Do you make profit from that website?
[20:43] Visitor: no :p
[20:43] Teoalida: What bandwidth do you have as Pro... I think that you could had unlimited bandwidth + domain name for 10$ on Blogspot
[20:43] Teoalida: in this case you should be rich and don't care about money
[20:44] Visitor: my dad pays it ... so no probs :D
[20:44] Visitor: what do you prefere ... webs or blogspot
[20:44] Teoalida: I prefer paid hosting
[20:45] Visitor: soo , with software?
[20:45] Teoalida: Paid hosting with PHP and MySQL plus unlimited bandwidth = 5$ per month + paid .com domain 10$ per year + Wordpress platform
[20:45] Teoalida: do you have PHP on Webs Pro account? :))
[20:47] Visitor: no :p
[20:48] Teoalida: Do you like what I praise on www.teoalida.webs.com/webscomreview.htm ??
[20:52] Visitor: yeea ... :p but now i have an account for 1 year on webs... this are my first website experience so if i like it ... what do you suggest me after that 1 year???
[20:53] Teoalida: I am in doubt how you can use the domain you purchased from Webs... to use on another hosting
[20:54] Teoalida: don't waste 1 year building a reputation on one domain, then move to a new domain
[20:54] Visitor: but how can i use that domain name on something else???
[20:55] Teoalida: But if you just started using Webs by paying it, I am sure that in few days you realize what you CANNOT do on Webs and stop using it much sooner than 1 year
[20:55] Teoalida: Personally I paid 70$ per year for www.teoalida.com
[20:56] Teoalida: Now also explain me why you paid Webs without having any experience, instead of trying on a Webs FREE account to test it BEFORE paying?
[20:57] Visitor: i did try it before .. and i liked because i didn't knew something else...
[20:58] Teoalida: LOL
[20:58] Teoalida: When you got internet connection
[20:59] Teoalida: I can't believe that you didn't knew Blogspot and Wordpress, there are 100+million websites on each of them
[21:02] Visitor: i knew about that but i just realized that it was a big mistake....
[21:11] Visitor has left the conversation

Chatting with website visitors

Posted by Teoalida on November 9, 2012 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (7)

Since this is a personal website, I always wanted to chat with visitors and make new friends. I never knew that this is possible until...

In a day of January 2012 I entered in a website where a chat window popped up, I replied, accusing the website admin to be a robot (before, I saw chats popping up around some websites, all proved to be robots, I had a habit to reply at any chat pop-up to see how the robot answer).

So I installed SnapEngage on my website too. Since May 2012 I switched on Zopim because is better.

Most people ignore the chat at all, some understand how it works and we had serious chat, while others asked me "Is this automated?" or "Are you a fucking robot?".

so... How it works:

As long as I am online, Zopim send a pre-defined message (greeting) to all visitors, after a certain delay. When you type a message, either reply at greeting, either start a chat by you own, got alert that I have a chat request only now and I can talk with you. Zopim also allow me to send manual messages to each visitor from visitor list, but I do this only when I am bored.
The automatic greeting save my time, no longer need to watch visitor list. That's why you may see repeating messages if you visit my website multiple times. Are you against automation?

Once you reply to the automatic greeting, I receive a message that I have a chat request and the chat became HUMAN-to-HUMAN, no robot!


How I know who is who?

One returning visitor asked me this question.
If you are outside of Singapore, I can guess that you are, because when someone start a chat I can see his country.
I have over 100 daily visitors from Singapore, identifying you may be possible but too hard to worth trying. So I treat every chat request anonymously as a new visitor, if you are a returning visitor I appreciate if you specify this.
A FUNNY situation was whe I was contacted in same day by multiple students of same school, I though that all chat request were from a single person, until someone said "I have no idea what are you talking about"!

In both cases, if you requested something from me, don't just sit on website waiting for me to contact you, please open chat window and alert me! I don't have time to watch the visitors in real time to see when you are here.


SnapEngage vs Zopim review

Such website live chats are very useful if you sell things or offer services via website, like in case of me, designing buildings or other kind of drawings at request.


SnapEngage doesn't allow me to manually start a chat with a certain visitor, I can only set a proactive message on all pages (or different message on certain pages, at different delays). To talk is necessary the visitor to reply when the chat pop-up (automatic greeting) or to open chat by himself.
The chat window is big and many people tends to close the window. Some asked me for help and closed the window in 3 seconds without being aware that this disconnect us from chat
Zopim have a minimize button rather than a close button, they can click it to free screen space, I can still send messages to visitors as long as they are on my website. I can even manually send custom messages to any of visitors, but most time I don't have time to watch the visitors list, so I rely on the automatic greeting.
Zopim allows advanced configuration of proactive message, different greetings based by visitor country, number of visits, google search strings, etc.
SnapEngage have cookie-based ban, I can ban annoying visitors only while chatting, then anyone can unban itself by deleting cookies. Zopim have IP banning, I can ban any IP anytime.


Another advantage of Zopim is that if offers unlimited chats per month for free acounts, the single limitation is 2 chats in same time, while SnapEngage is limited to 30 chats per month.
For business, Zopim also have better prices, for example $39 for 5 agents, compared with SnapEngage $49 for 4 agents.
Zopim changed, increased the prices since 9 August 2012, now is priced above concurrent services.
But I still recommend Zopim!  No other chat service can beat Zopim in terms of features!


Funny-stupid chat with an idiot

Still believing that I am a robot after 5 min of talking. He disconnected while I was typing, explaining him how it works. Maybe I shall give a link, to check www.snapengage.com, maybe he would understand.
Real robots reply certain messages based by certain words.
How to identify robots: write single-word messages with bad grammar (robots would not understand), or repeat same question (robots would repeat too).

Another funny case, he used the chat expecting a robot answer!

A visitors "is back" without telling me who is, causing a funny situation!

Octomber 2012 updates

Posted by Teoalida on October 29, 2012 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Not many updates, I kept them for new website www.teoalida.com.


New page: Miscellaneous Design.
Singapore HDB floor plans updated with 4 floor plans from mainstream types that were missed, corrected the year range for some blocks. Transferred to new website on 2 November.
Housing around the World section was updated. On Hong Kong I added Living in Hong Kong, also I expanded info about America, Malaysia, and Romania. Transferred to new website on 25 octomber.
The Sims 2 has been already transferred to new website during september.
Architecture & Design portfolio will be transferred later.


(I choose to transfer in order from worst-performing to most succesfull page).

August 2012 updates

Posted by Teoalida on August 15, 2012 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

New website: www.teoalida.com. I have no reason to speed up the moving, my website works well on Webs.com.
I start testing my future website by posting The Sims 2 stuff, before transfering more serious content.
I don't know which is the best way of redirect, to transfer not only visitors but also the reputation and Google Pagerank. Probably the best is with .htaccess but Webs.com don't allow that.

New page: AboutMe.htm containing the history of my life and website purpose, placed at top of page, rather than the (uninteresting) biography that was in the former About Teoalida page. Both Biography and Website purpose were on HOME page since 6 months ago.

Hong Kong page was splitted, I created two new pages: HongKongFloorplans.htm and HongKongStatistics.htm, similar with what I have for Singapore.
Although I don't know if was a good decision. 75% of visitors do not browse other pages than the landing page.
Singapore HDB floor plans page gets 100 daily visitors of which 90% are singaporeans, while Hong Kong page gets max 5 daily visitors, of which 60% are foreigners.
Possible reason: Hong Kong being dominated by 95% chinese, don't bother to learn english, they google in chinese. Without having a page in chinese I can't get many visitors.

Webs.com is such a huge pile of shit

Posted by Teoalida on August 3, 2012 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Seems that I am not the single one who HATE WEBS.COM

Friday, 22 Feb, 2013
Country: United States
Page URL:
[23:10] Teoalida: Hello from website admin! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[23:10] Visitor: Are you actually a person?
[23:10] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[23:10] Teoalida: Obviously, test me!
[23:11] Visitor: Do you work for the hosting website webs.com?
[23:11] Teoalida: I work for THIS website
[23:11] Teoalida: and as an experienced webdesigned... how I can help you?
[23:12] Visitor: I'm wondering why webs.com is such a huge pile of shit and if there are any other free hosting websites that are actually functional and don't make you want to throw a brick at your monitor.
[23:12] Teoalida: How long you were using Webs.com?
[23:13] Teoalida: or never used it and all what do you know if from my page?
[23:13] Teoalida: Exactly in this page I wrote about Blogspot, Wordpress, 000webhost.com, etc
[23:14] Visitor: Yeah, I only got about a quarter of the way through your page when this popped up.
[23:14] Visitor: I just started using webs.com today
[23:14] Teoalida: btw, if you are curious how the chat is working... www.teoalida.com/fun/chatting-with-website-visitors
[23:14] Teoalida: Today? what made you to choose this shit?
[23:16] Visitor: I wanted a website where I could showcase my writing and music. A friend of mine uses webs.com so I figured it'd be a good idea. Seriously, I've used angelfire, geocites, and a couple other ones that escape me right now, but this thing is so goddamn frustrating.
[23:16] Visitor: I try to save something and it doesn't save
[23:16] Visitor: I add a new page and it doesn't show
[23:16] Teoalida: from when he is using Webs?
[23:17] Visitor: I delete a page and it stays there
[23:17] Visitor: Probably a couple years ago
[23:17] Teoalida: like my website, all Webs.com websites made BEFORE june 2012 before introduction of SiteBuilder3 can look better than anything started now
[23:18] Visitor: Yeah, dig that.
[23:18] Teoalida: aka you can't replicate my website
[23:18] Teoalida: Or... post in forums and request admins to change your sitebuilder to the old one
[23:19] Visitor: yeah, i'm just going to stick to wordpress. thanks dude
[23:20] Teoalida: Do you saw my new website made with Wordpress?
[23:20] Visitor has left the conversation

July 2012 updates

Posted by Teoalida on July 29, 2012 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

GREAT NEWS: got a partnership with some people for AutoCAD-related work, which means MONEY!!
Bad news: I rarely have time to design new houses and apartments buildings for fun and artistic purposes, as well to play games.
But, if you want to work and design something for you, feel free to contact me!


Big update for The Sims 2, as I played it a lot during june and now I updating the page by posting one new house per week.
Singapore HDB updated by adding offer to sell PDF brochures, as well as preview screenshots of HDB Database and HDB resale transactions, maybe someone will be interested to buy them? also 3 more floorplans added.

Funny chat: idiot blame me for being a good boy trying to help him

Posted by Teoalida on July 3, 2012 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

This guy blame me for not helping an issue of Webs.com that happens at me too and probably at everyone, and another isuse related with his browser-only... how I could help him?

Wednesday, 20 Feb, 2013
Country: United Kingdom
Page URL:
[23:38] Teoalida: Hello from website admin! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[23:39] Visitor: I can't drag by text box to place it on the screen even though I am on edit
[23:39] Visitor is now known as AC01003029
[23:39] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[23:39] Teoalida: Which text box?
[23:40] AC01003029: The text box which allows you to type on webs.com
[23:40] Teoalida: of the hated SiteBuilder3 ?
[23:41] Teoalida: you can click in page to write?
[23:41] Teoalida: btw such problems can be browser-related... try another browser
[23:42] AC01003029: I'm on Google chrome and this is the first time it hasn't worked for me before and this is the only browser I have
[23:42] Teoalida: Any Windows come with Internet Explorer
[23:42] Teoalida: what stop you to install Mozilla Firefox as well
[23:43] Teoalida: it's well known that Webs SiteBuilder3 have issues on Chrome
[23:43] Teoalida: but wasn't aware of THIS issue
[23:43] AC01003029: It's the other way round actually
[23:44] AC01003029: In the wiki guide it says that it works best with Google Chrome]
[23:44] Teoalida: show me the Wiki guide
[23:44] Teoalida: is it referring at SiteBuilder1/2 ?
[23:44] Teoalida: or... ask in forums the admins to change you to old site builder
[23:46] AC01003029: No, Webs.com and the wiki guide says, 'Webs.com is known to have its faults on browsers so it is best to use it on much more updated browsers like Google Chrome'
[23:46] Teoalida: LOL
[23:47] Teoalida: anyway couldn't you give me a LINK to that?
[23:47] AC01003029: Well thanks for your so called help
[23:47] Teoalida: I didn't helped you?
[23:47] Teoalida: ask me more stuff
[23:47] Teoalida: and see www.teoalida.webs.com/webscomreview.htm too
[23:48] AC01003029: No, i'm going to find a forum or an FAQ
[23:48] Teoalida: I help a lot of people who ask "how to make..." instead of your "I can't drag"
[23:49] AC01003029: well im sorry if the website isn't allowing me to drag the text box and me thinking that you could help me OBVIOUSLY NOT
[23:50] Teoalida: How I can solve your browser-related issues?
[23:50] AC01003029: It's not my browser, the site is faulty it keeps saying 'The site is experiencing some technically difficulties at the moment. Please try again later
[23:50] AC01003029: Now go away!!!!!!!!!!!1
[23:51] Teoalida: This is something different
[23:51] Teoalida: and I get it too... quite frequent
[23:51] AC01003029 has left the conversation

June 2012 updates

Posted by Teoalida on June 29, 2012 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I finished splitting the Housing around the World page, 8-9 new pages created (except for Hong Kong that I mixed with existing Hong Kong page with floorplans, resulting a messy page, I will decide later how clean it). China and Philippines pages were enlarged too.
Singapore HDB page has been updated, 2 more floorplans. Currently are 90 floorplans and 42 photos.
I added 2 more houses in House Design page.
Nothing new in Apartment Design but I am still working at something that will be my greatest project!
In Car Database I added a 7th file: Automobile Production.
I kept playing The Sims 2 and updated its page once again with new info.

After doing the Housing around the World update, I am experimenting again a drop-down navigation bar placed at top of page, together with the sidebar's expanded navigation bar.
Also I added flags on sidebar list of countries studied by me.
Webs.com introduced drop-down menus in 2010, I implemented them on my website on the right side, but it was a bad experience, 9 of 10 people did not click a page which have subpages (once the subpages menu appear, visitors click the subpages).
At the current experiment the pages which contain subpages is empty.

See how my website was looking in the past, 2 years ago and 2 months ago, compare these screenshots with the current layout.

Is better now... or not?

Sidebar expanded

Posted by Teoalida on May 15, 2012 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I expanded the Sidebar to include every paragraph of Housing around the World page. I am curious to see the effect on visitor behavior, before splitting the page in separate pages for each country/region.

Also South Korea and Brazil sections were expanded with more text and new photos, thanks to love them and intensive studying.

Car Database updated

Posted by Teoalida on April 29, 2012 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

29th April, I finished updating my Car Database. Added 10 more brands in models list, added asian and american brands in the database. New preview files are posted, full files available for sale!

Hong Kong updated

Posted by Teoalida on April 17, 2012 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I updated the Hong Kong page.
XLS file updated, 2 new floorplan links added, removed the "More photos SOON" that I forgot to remove 1 year ago after I added all best photos. Also corrected numerous spelling mistakes.

Singapore HDB updated

Posted by Teoalida on March 28, 2012 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Singapore HDB BTO & DBSS list updated with 27th March 2012 bumper launch. Only now after midnight I succeeded to look and download brochures. HDB website kept crashing due of too many flats launched (high visitor traffic).
Would be funny that now, during housing shortage, HDB to cancel these BTO projects becauuse not enough people will apply due of their website problems!!

Singapore HDB updated

Posted by Teoalida on March 9, 2012 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

In January I exceeded bandwidth with 5%, in February with 8%, now as 8th March I exceeded bandwidth once again with 31% and Webs.com don't care about suspending my website (bandwidth reset date is 8th each month).
I will expand Singapore page and add new stuff in the next days! This time I really want to see my website suspended, to buy extra bandwidth and restore it immediately!

Update: seems that websites get suspended when they exceed badwitdth with 100% aka using 1000 MB of 500 MB. I upgraded the bandwidth in May.

Singapore HDB pages changed

Posted by Teoalida on March 2, 2012 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

URLs of Singapore-related pages changed, for example HDB%20Statistics%20-%20BTO%20&%20DBSS%20list.htm renamed as hdbbtodbsslist.htm. Main page also renamed from Singapore in Singapore HDB floor plans. I put redirect pages on old URLs.
I am curious to see the effect on visitors.

New website theme

Posted by Teoalida on January 18, 2012 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I had a poll on sidebar:
What theme do you prefer? White text on dark background / Black text on light background

Voting result was 5-0 for changing into black text on light background. So as january 2012 I installed the new theme. My original theme with blue background is no longer!
My reason for changing theme was not the color, but I had a stupid template narrow as 780 pixels. The current template is 1000 pixel wide.

Now, I should change the AutoCAD floor plans too? Black is the default background color in AutoCAD!

Massive website update

Posted by Teoalida on November 30, 2011 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I did a full rewamp of my website during octomber and november.
Countries and Cities page has been renamed as Housing around the World and more countries added.
Singapore HDB page has been expanded, added more floor plans as well as a list of SERS sites and HUDC projects.
Added new projects in Teoalida's Housing.
I re-started to play The Sims 2 after 3 years of pause, I added 2 houses, First apartment block, a decorative Condominium, as well as Tips & Tricks.
The former Games page containing NFS and GTA was deleted, I made new pages Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto, as well as little page Beetle Crazy Cup, but most important I started a BIG Caesar3 page on 15 octomber 2011.
In the future I will add a Age of Empires page, another favorite game!


About me

I created teoalida.webs.com in April 2009 to publish my portfolio of projects made by me, primarily AutoCAD and architectural design, as well as articles about real estate, games, etc... all my hobbies.

Website grew to 50 pages and over 200 daily visitors in 2012, too much for a FREE hosting like Webs.com.

In 2012 I started a new website: teoalida.com using WordPress platform, paid domain name and paid hosting, and moved all my portfolio from Webs to Wordpress. The new website grew to 800 daily visitors as 2014 and my hobbies turned into BUSINESS!

Conclusion: starting a business using Webs.com was a huge mistake. I could have been richer today if I would have started with WordPress from first time.

Example: teoalida.webs.com/apartmentdesignold.htm
Moved to teoalida.com/design/apartmentplans

I keep on teoalida.webs.com only the home page and few pages about Webs.com, to teach other startup businesses to not make same mistakes like me, to turn people away from using Webs.com services, and to show you tricks for webdesign & SEO.


Ranking of this website
Jan 2012 - 5 million
Jul 2012 - <3 million
Sep 2012 - <2 million
2013 - dropping started
Current ranking:

Ranking of the NEW website
Aug 2012 - 20 million
Sep 2012 - <5 million
Nov 2012 - <2 million
20 Dec 2012 - overtook ranking of the old website, even if its ranking is not falling
1 Jan 2013 - <1 million
Current ranking: