Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012


Someone wasted $120 on Webs

Posted by Teoalida on November 9, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Someone paid $120 for Webs Premium account, without testing the Webs' (lack of) features using a free account, and now totally regret it!

Thursday, 30 May, 2013
[20:33] Visitor: hey!
[20:33] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[20:33] Teoalida: what's up?
[20:34] Visitor: so i'm making a site on webs.com...
[20:34] Visitor: and it's about funny videos
[20:36] Visitor: can tou give some tips?
[20:36] Visitor: you*
[20:36] Teoalida: which tips?
[20:36] Teoalida: I wrote in this page the most-frequent asked tips
[20:36] Teoalida: Do you need anything more?
[20:36] Visitor: okay than, it's good!
[20:37] Teoalida: btw, I wonder what made you to choose Webs
[20:39] Visitor: i dont know... it's a simple way to make professional site... and tried all that software but its too difficult.
[20:39] Teoalida: Give me example of what is too difficult
[20:40] Visitor: in webs you get your domain name and all that stuff in one time... with software you need to connect it with your domain name and blahblahblah... :-)
[20:41] Teoalida: Keep reading www.teoalida.webs.com/webscomreview.htm too
[20:41] Teoalida: What domain name you get here?
[20:41] Teoalida: Don't say that you paid Webs 30+$ for domain name
[20:42] Visitor: i totaly paid 124$ for te pro account
[20:42] Visitor: the*
[20:42] Teoalida: OMG!!
[20:42] Visitor: what?
[20:42] Teoalida: Do you make profit from that website?
[20:43] Visitor: no :p
[20:43] Teoalida: What bandwidth do you have as Pro... I think that you could had unlimited bandwidth + domain name for 10$ on Blogspot
[20:43] Teoalida: in this case you should be rich and don't care about money
[20:44] Visitor: my dad pays it ... so no probs :D
[20:44] Visitor: what do you prefere ... webs or blogspot
[20:44] Teoalida: I prefer paid hosting
[20:45] Visitor: soo , with software?
[20:45] Teoalida: Paid hosting with PHP and MySQL plus unlimited bandwidth = 5$ per month + paid .com domain 10$ per year + Wordpress platform
[20:45] Teoalida: do you have PHP on Webs Pro account? :))
[20:47] Visitor: no :p
[20:48] Teoalida: Do you like what I praise on www.teoalida.webs.com/webscomreview.htm ??
[20:52] Visitor: yeea ... :p but now i have an account for 1 year on webs... this are my first website experience so if i like it ... what do you suggest me after that 1 year???
[20:53] Teoalida: I am in doubt how you can use the domain you purchased from Webs... to use on another hosting
[20:54] Teoalida: don't waste 1 year building a reputation on one domain, then move to a new domain
[20:54] Visitor: but how can i use that domain name on something else???
[20:55] Teoalida: But if you just started using Webs by paying it, I am sure that in few days you realize what you CANNOT do on Webs and stop using it much sooner than 1 year
[20:55] Teoalida: Personally I paid 70$ per year for www.teoalida.com
[20:56] Teoalida: Now also explain me why you paid Webs without having any experience, instead of trying on a Webs FREE account to test it BEFORE paying?
[20:57] Visitor: i did try it before .. and i liked because i didn't knew something else...
[20:58] Teoalida: LOL
[20:58] Teoalida: When you got internet connection
[20:59] Teoalida: I can't believe that you didn't knew Blogspot and Wordpress, there are 100+million websites on each of them
[21:02] Visitor: i knew about that but i just realized that it was a big mistake....
[21:11] Visitor has left the conversation

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Reply griff
9:22 AM on August 2, 2016 
I broke my shite laughing at this

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