Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012


Webs.com is such a huge pile of shit

Posted by Teoalida on August 3, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Seems that I am not the single one who HATE WEBS.COM

Friday, 22 Feb, 2013
Country: United States
Page URL:
[23:10] Teoalida: Hello from website admin! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[23:10] Visitor: Are you actually a person?
[23:10] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[23:10] Teoalida: Obviously, test me!
[23:11] Visitor: Do you work for the hosting website webs.com?
[23:11] Teoalida: I work for THIS website
[23:11] Teoalida: and as an experienced webdesigned... how I can help you?
[23:12] Visitor: I'm wondering why webs.com is such a huge pile of shit and if there are any other free hosting websites that are actually functional and don't make you want to throw a brick at your monitor.
[23:12] Teoalida: How long you were using Webs.com?
[23:13] Teoalida: or never used it and all what do you know if from my page?
[23:13] Teoalida: Exactly in this page I wrote about Blogspot, Wordpress, 000webhost.com, etc
[23:14] Visitor: Yeah, I only got about a quarter of the way through your page when this popped up.
[23:14] Visitor: I just started using webs.com today
[23:14] Teoalida: btw, if you are curious how the chat is working... www.teoalida.com/fun/chatting-with-website-visitors
[23:14] Teoalida: Today? what made you to choose this shit?
[23:16] Visitor: I wanted a website where I could showcase my writing and music. A friend of mine uses webs.com so I figured it'd be a good idea. Seriously, I've used angelfire, geocites, and a couple other ones that escape me right now, but this thing is so goddamn frustrating.
[23:16] Visitor: I try to save something and it doesn't save
[23:16] Visitor: I add a new page and it doesn't show
[23:16] Teoalida: from when he is using Webs?
[23:17] Visitor: I delete a page and it stays there
[23:17] Visitor: Probably a couple years ago
[23:17] Teoalida: like my website, all Webs.com websites made BEFORE june 2012 before introduction of SiteBuilder3 can look better than anything started now
[23:18] Visitor: Yeah, dig that.
[23:18] Teoalida: aka you can't replicate my website
[23:18] Teoalida: Or... post in forums and request admins to change your sitebuilder to the old one
[23:19] Visitor: yeah, i'm just going to stick to wordpress. thanks dude
[23:20] Teoalida: Do you saw my new website made with Wordpress?
[23:20] Visitor has left the conversation

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