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Funny chat: idiot blame me for being a good boy trying to help him

Posted by Teoalida on July 3, 2012 at 12:00 PM

This guy blame me for not helping an issue of Webs.com that happens at me too and probably at everyone, and another isuse related with his browser-only... how I could help him?

Wednesday, 20 Feb, 2013
Country: United Kingdom
Page URL:
[23:38] Teoalida: Hello from website admin! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[23:39] Visitor: I can't drag by text box to place it on the screen even though I am on edit
[23:39] Visitor is now known as AC01003029
[23:39] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[23:39] Teoalida: Which text box?
[23:40] AC01003029: The text box which allows you to type on webs.com
[23:40] Teoalida: of the hated SiteBuilder3 ?
[23:41] Teoalida: you can click in page to write?
[23:41] Teoalida: btw such problems can be browser-related... try another browser
[23:42] AC01003029: I'm on Google chrome and this is the first time it hasn't worked for me before and this is the only browser I have
[23:42] Teoalida: Any Windows come with Internet Explorer
[23:42] Teoalida: what stop you to install Mozilla Firefox as well
[23:43] Teoalida: it's well known that Webs SiteBuilder3 have issues on Chrome
[23:43] Teoalida: but wasn't aware of THIS issue
[23:43] AC01003029: It's the other way round actually
[23:44] AC01003029: In the wiki guide it says that it works best with Google Chrome]
[23:44] Teoalida: show me the Wiki guide
[23:44] Teoalida: is it referring at SiteBuilder1/2 ?
[23:44] Teoalida: or... ask in forums the admins to change you to old site builder
[23:46] AC01003029: No, Webs.com and the wiki guide says, 'Webs.com is known to have its faults on browsers so it is best to use it on much more updated browsers like Google Chrome'
[23:46] Teoalida: LOL
[23:47] Teoalida: anyway couldn't you give me a LINK to that?
[23:47] AC01003029: Well thanks for your so called help
[23:47] Teoalida: I didn't helped you?
[23:47] Teoalida: ask me more stuff
[23:47] Teoalida: and see www.teoalida.webs.com/webscomreview.htm too
[23:48] AC01003029: No, i'm going to find a forum or an FAQ
[23:48] Teoalida: I help a lot of people who ask "how to make..." instead of your "I can't drag"
[23:49] AC01003029: well im sorry if the website isn't allowing me to drag the text box and me thinking that you could help me OBVIOUSLY NOT
[23:50] Teoalida: How I can solve your browser-related issues?
[23:50] AC01003029: It's not my browser, the site is faulty it keeps saying 'The site is experiencing some technically difficulties at the moment. Please try again later
[23:50] AC01003029: Now go away!!!!!!!!!!!1
[23:51] Teoalida: This is something different
[23:51] Teoalida: and I get it too... quite frequent
[23:51] AC01003029 has left the conversation

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