Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012

About me

I am Teoalida and love graphic design, architecture and real estate, I am best known for the study of Singapore's HDB, for house floor plans & 3D models, also for Excel databases.
I made this website since 2009 to show to the world what I can do, share knowledge and promote my services.
It grew to 50 pages and reached over 200 daily visitors in 2012... too much for a FREE hosting like Webs.com.
So, since 2012, I moved to the
new website www.teoalida.com!

Sunt Teoalida din Ploiesti si imi place tot ce e legat de arhitectura, urbanism, desen tehnic, etc. Sunt cunoscut de catre romani in special pentru harta Ploiesti pe care le-am desenat-o in 2005-2007, dar si pentru geografie si modelul 3D Micul Trianon.
Am facut acest site in 2009 pentru a imi prezenta munca.
Din 2012 le-am mutat pe noul site
www.teoalida.ro si www.hartablocuri.ro


sales @ teoalida.com

Do you came there by following the URL shown in a image like this?
Visit www.teoalida.com/design/houseplans for more house samples!
Contact me if you want to make a house design specially for you!

Square house plan Square house 3D

I am keeping alive this OLD website, to be found by people who have bookmarked it during 2009-2012, and by people who follow the URL shown on the various products made over time, especially house plans and 3D models, displaying teoalida.webs.com in corner of image.
This website will remain intact as it was in late 2012. No updates here!

The evolution of my website

This website HAD 50 pages in late 2012.
All business-related pages were moved to my new, WordPress-based website teoalida.com.
On this Webs website I left only first page, Traffic stats page, Webs-related pages such as anti-Webs review and Tips & Tricks, etc.

Webs vs WordPress examples:
http://teoalida.webs.com/teoalidashousingold.htm moved to www.teoalida.com/design/housing/
http://teoalida.webs.com/hdbbtodbsslist.htm moved to www.teoalida.com/singapore/btolist/

The pages were "moved" in the sense that were copied to the new website, and the old website pages were replaced by a META redirect for about 1 year, then blocked by robots.txt and removed from Google Index, the pages are still available on Webs.com but are not updated since 2012 and do not get traffic from search engines.

Here are few screenshots of how this website was looking during history. Screenshots are showing the Index (About Me page), and the Singapore (most visited page, 30% of traffic enter via it).

Don't you think that the new WordPress-based website does look BETTER than Webs one?

My first website with blue theme (2009-2011)

My first website with white theme (Jan-May 2012)

My first website after expanding navigation bar (Jun-Dec 2012)
Was a good or bad idea?

Notice how big was the navigation bar in the above screenshots, before moving 45 of the 50 pages to the NEW website, and left here just the Webs.com-related pages!

My second (replacement) website, made since August 2012
WordPress platform, paid domain from name.com, paid hosting from hosting24.com.
Screenshots from August 2013

Screenshots from May 2014

Visit the new website www.teoalida.com
and see how it is looking now, compared with above screenshots!

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About me

I created teoalida.webs.com in April 2009 to publish my portfolio of projects made by me, primarily AutoCAD and architectural design, as well as articles about real estate, games, etc... all my hobbies.

Website grew to 50 pages and over 200 daily visitors in 2012, too much for a FREE hosting like Webs.com.

In 2012 I started a new website: teoalida.com using WordPress platform, paid domain name and paid hosting, and moved all my portfolio from Webs to Wordpress. The new website grew to 800 daily visitors as 2014 and my hobbies turned into BUSINESS!

Conclusion: starting a business using Webs.com was a huge mistake. I could have been richer today if I would have started with WordPress from first time.

Example: teoalida.webs.com/apartmentdesignold.htm
Moved to teoalida.com/design/apartmentplans

I keep on teoalida.webs.com only the home page and few pages about Webs.com, to teach other startup businesses to not make same mistakes like me, to turn people away from using Webs.com services, and to show you tricks for webdesign & SEO.