Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012


Funny Chat: an IDIOT blame me for Teoalida.com

Posted by Teoalida on November 19, 2012 at 11:00 AM

One "Webs.com user for 2 years" is showing a unbelievable high level of STUPIDITY


He blame me for paying $10 for domain name instead of getting FREE domain name using Webs Credits (BUT usable only on Webs-hosted websites).
I told him that I bought the domain teoalida.com, he blame me that I only thought that I bought, because the URL of this website is still teoalida.webs.com, instead of checking teoalida.com to realize that they are TWO WEBSITES hosted separately.
I have wrote the largest negative feedback in Webs forums, but he strike me saying that my own business have largest negative feedback. Even left a comment with fake screenshot where "Teoalida" was replaced with "idiotTeo"
Beside this, he is making websites for 2 years but have no idea what is website bandwidth, claim that told me a BIG SECRET which is nothing, I knew it and tried before, is not working, plus he is also talking a lot of bullshit.


I post entire chatlog for reference.
If you are lazy to read all, the funniest parts are RED!


Wednesday, 29 Aug, 2012
Landing page:
[19:52] Teoalida: Hello from website admin, if you need any help or just want to chat, reply here!
[19:52] Visitor: Are you online
[19:53] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[19:53] Teoalida: yes
[19:53] Visitor: How much credits can I earn using webs toolbar
[19:54] Teoalida: limited to 10 daily
[19:54] Teoalida: Didn't explained enough in this page?
[19:54] Visitor: No
[19:54] Visitor: Actually I earn 20 credits daily
[19:54] Teoalida: With 2 toolbars?
[19:54] Teoalida: And 5 free credits from credit shop?
[19:55] Teoalida: Webs.com toolbar was launched in octomber 2009 I think, we could earn 10 credits daily (beside the 5 credits available in Credit Shop)
[19:55] Teoalida: what is not enogh explained????
[19:56] Visitor: I installed webs toolbar both in I-explorer and Firefox
[19:56] Visitor: 10 from each browser I earn
[19:56] Teoalida: You have different versions of toolbar!
[19:56] Teoalida: Like what I had in the past
[19:56] Teoalida: I reinstalled Windows and now I have same version in both broswers
[19:56] Visitor: but now as you told 5 from credit shop then they will be 25 credits per day
[19:57] Teoalida: I do one search in one, got credited in any
[19:57] Teoalida: yes 25 credits daily I earned before reinstalling
[19:57] Teoalida: Anyway I don't care anymore.... this is the last time when using Webs
[19:57] Teoalida: I'm gonna move on www.teoalida.com made on 000webhost.com using Wordpress
[19:58] Teoalida: What do you think about Webs evolution and new SiteBuilder3?
[19:58] Teoalida: And show me your website too
[19:58] Visitor: I have two site with webs.com
[19:59] Visitor: www.pmpsdelhi.webs.com
[19:59] Visitor: www.myrealwings.webs.com
[19:59] Teoalida: School websites
[19:59] Teoalida: nothing too serious
[19:59] Teoalida: Do you see what is my website about?
[19:59] Visitor: Plz have a look these sites and do tell me what improvements do i need?
[20:00] Teoalida: My website exceeded bandwidth!
[20:00] Teoalida: 150 daily visitors and growing
[20:00] Teoalida: First, on second website there's toooo many colors
[20:01] Teoalida: I had dark (blue) background too on my website, but many visitors requested to change to white background
[20:02] Visitor: Ya, you are right, I also had thought of changing its background but
[20:02] Visitor: but there is lots of contents in yellow colour
[20:03] Teoalida: Emails should be not placed in website footer, too few people are looking here
[20:03] Visitor: in case I change its colour the yellow coloured texts will disappear almost on white background
[20:03] Teoalida: But why there's so much yellow text?
[20:03] Teoalida: Are you trying to make the biggest eye pain?
[20:04] Visitor: I'll try to change everything almost
[20:04] Visitor: but I don't like new sitebuilder3
[20:05] Teoalida: Games page offer pirate stuff
[20:05] Teoalida: I don't say that I am against piracy, but how your website wasn't already suspended?
[20:06] Teoalida: I know that Webs is strict about piracy
[20:06] Teoalida: How many visitors do you have?
[20:06] Visitor: But I took only their link, is it piracy if we advertise them
[20:07] Visitor: Is it piracy to use other links? I thought this is actually like an advertisement for them to be popular
[20:08] Teoalida: Providing links to ANY torrent website or direct links to pirated stuff is against Webs.com rules
[20:08] Teoalida: I had one Blogspot website suspended for that
[20:09] Teoalida: despite of several announcement "This website do not host any files, all files are hosted on third-party websites"
[20:09] Visitor: Can we get our site back after suspension?
[20:09] Teoalida: "if you like them, be nice and buy them"
[20:09] Teoalida: on Blogspot, NO
[20:09] Teoalida: on Webs.... no idea
[20:10] Teoalida: you can get the content of suspended website from Google Cache, and save it to repost on a new website
[20:10] Visitor: My daily visitors are about 150
[20:11] Visitor: How can I know about their activity on my sites what they do
[20:11] Teoalida: so like me?
[20:11] Teoalida: How much bandwidth do they use?
[20:11] Teoalida: Anyway my website have longer pages so use more bandwidth
[20:13] Visitor: What do mean by bandwidth, is it that they visits or download from my sites or the videos or pictures or contents we upload on sites ?? What/?
[20:13] Teoalida: Webs bandwidth
[20:13] Teoalida: that is only 500 MB
[20:13] Teoalida: although website suspension occurs only at 1000 mb
[20:13] Teoalida: I have 1500 MB bandwidth now
[20:13] Teoalida: used 1700 MB past month
[20:14] Teoalida: No idea if next suspension will occcur at 1500+500 MB or at 1500*2 MB
[20:14] Visitor: but they reset the bandwidth every month...
[20:14] Teoalida: Anyway, keep reading my website, starting from HOME page to see what it is about... i wait for some suggestions from you too
[20:14] Teoalida: And what did I said?
[20:15] Teoalida: I used 1700 MB PAST MONTH
[20:15] Visitor: ok
[20:15] Visitor: tell me how can I get free .com domain?
[20:15] Teoalida: Did you ever visited credits shop?
[20:16] Teoalida: free domain = 3000 credits
[20:16] Teoalida: but personally I PAID for teoalida.com
[20:16] Visitor: but it still shows webs.com
[20:16] Teoalida: This live chat is also PAID
[20:16] Visitor: teoalida.webs.com
[20:16] Teoalida: Yes, because I am disappointed that can't put domain on free Webs accounts
[20:17] Teoalida: That's why I am moving away from here
[20:17] Teoalida: I need either transfer domain to Webs (extra $15) either upgrade to premium
[20:17] Visitor: But you have paid for the same, will u get back your money
[20:17] Teoalida: I am NOT gonna pay any money to this shit hosting
[20:18] Visitor: You said ' personally I PAID for teoalida.com'
[20:18] Visitor: Did you get back your money?
[20:18] Teoalida: Can't edit <HEAD> even if I would be premium, can't have .htaccess, META tags are available only for premium
[20:19] Teoalida: Bandwidth is small as hell
[20:19] Visitor: You are right
[20:19] Teoalida: What you didn't understand?
[20:19] Visitor: So where are you now heading?
[20:19] Teoalida: I paid $10 for teoalida.com
[20:19] Teoalida: and put it on
[20:20] Teoalida: for FREE
[20:20] Teoalida: 100 GB bandwidth
[20:20] Teoalida: PHP allowed
[20:20] Visitor: your website ???
[20:20] Teoalida: yes
[20:20] Teoalida: all what is here will be moved on www.teoalida.com
[20:21] Teoalida: probably in 1 month
[20:21] Visitor: For free user how much bandwidth will be allowed
[20:21] Teoalida: I said 100 GB
[20:21] Visitor: Unbelievable
[20:22] Teoalida: Is probably the single FREE host that allow PHP necessary for Wordpress
[20:22] Teoalida: Do you know how many themes have Wordpress?
[20:22] Visitor: I have learned from somewhere that no website allows you so much bandwidth even to the paid user
[20:22] Teoalida: Yes, unbeliable.... I am agree to pay for such features that they offer from free
[20:23] Teoalida: Blogspot allows unlimited Bandwidth
[20:23] Teoalida: also have thousand of themes
[20:23] Teoalida: But it have a lot of other limitations
[20:23] Visitor: Agree with blogspot
[20:23] Teoalida: No storage space, can't host files
[20:24] Visitor: How much storage for paid user
[20:24] Teoalida: www.teoalida.webs.com/trafficstats.htm
[20:24] Teoalida: Blogspot don't offer paid services
[20:24] Teoalida: it is supported by Google
[20:25] Visitor: I mean oowebhost.com
[20:25] Teoalida: Check yourself
[20:26] Visitor: how much storage does www.000webhost.com provides to free and paid users
[20:27] Teoalida: Are you blind?
[20:28] Visitor: Are TERMS bandwidth and storage same
[20:28] Teoalida: Price $0.00 $4.84 / month Disk Space 1500 MB Unlimited Disk Space! Data Transfer 100 GB / month Unlimited Data Transfer!
[20:28] Teoalida: And stop wasting my time with such questions
[20:31] Visitor: What type of help you can provide me??
[20:31] Teoalida: btw, my website is ONLY 1.2 MB
[20:31] Teoalida: All photos are hosted on 3 third-party websites
[20:32] Teoalida: I don't need much storage, but bandwidth became a problem
[20:32] Teoalida: How much bandwidth use yours?
[20:32] Teoalida: Do you want to help you making a new website?
[20:32] Visitor: last month I checked it and it was around 498 mb
[20:33] Teoalida: Do you ever exceeded?
[20:33] Teoalida: or upgraded bandwidth with credits preventively?
[20:33] Visitor: no, but they gave me suspension notice
[20:34] Teoalida: Same at me
[20:34] Teoalida: since january 2012 got notice almost every month
[20:34] Visitor: I at once deleted many photos and videos from my site
[20:35] Visitor: I had 150 videos on my site, and after getting this notice I reduced them to 30
[20:35] Teoalida: Where are the videos hosted?
[20:35] Visitor: I just got the link from youtube
[20:35] Teoalida: Surprisely, .RAR files hosted on my Webs account are not counted in bandwidth
[20:36] Teoalida: Seems that only .htm files and perhaps .doc and .xls counts in bandwidth
[20:36] Teoalida: if just a link, you didn't need to delete them
[20:36] Teoalida: You may notice that after deleting them, you will not get much reduction of bandwidth usage
[20:37] Visitor: u r right, but after 7 days I got the result
[20:37] Visitor: May the result of resetting done by them or by deleting videos
[20:38] Teoalida: What was the result?
[20:38] Visitor: bandwidth came on 0
[20:39] Visitor: I also deleted lots of text contents at the same time...
[20:39] Visitor: to keep the existence of my site I deleted much more contents from site
[20:40] Teoalida: You're so idiot.... bandwidth came to 0 in same day each month
[20:40] Teoalida: I wanted to ask you what skill do you have in HTML, CSS, PHP, etc
[20:40] Teoalida: No longer matters
[20:40] Visitor: ya, i regretted that day
[20:40] Teoalida: If you don't even know that bandwidth is PER MONTH
[20:41] Visitor: The knowledge I got about site making is self efforts and previously no knowledge of the same
[20:41] Teoalida: How old is your website?
[20:42] Teoalida: I make websites since 4 years ago
[20:42] Visitor: myrealwings.webs.com is 2 years old but I started working June 2011
[20:43] Teoalida: Also yours look like default template
[20:43] Teoalida: my one is customized
[20:43] Teoalida: sidebar moved on left, fonts and background changed
[20:43] Teoalida: 47 static pages
[20:45] Visitor: ya you are right but I have made it with no experience at all with no knowledge of HTML, CSs etc.
[20:45] Teoalida: I see
[20:45] Teoalida: That's why these idiots removed HTML and CSS modes for SiteBuilder3
[20:45] Teoalida: most of Webs users are kids with no knowledge
[20:46] Teoalida: but I expect that kids are unable to pay for hosting
[20:46] Teoalida: So how will they survive, without providing hosting services for professionals?
[20:47] Visitor: Ya, u r right, u can check pmpsdelhi.webs.com, I have used html commands and css commands , proof is scrolling text, blinking navigation bar, googlemap of school
[20:47] Visitor: That's all with self efforts with no help from no body...
[20:49] Visitor: With little time... I achieved so much, and you got 150 visitors in 4 years but I got in 1 year because I started working on my site from June 2011, before this duration I couldn't understand what to do with my site which I made in 2010
[20:50] Teoalida: saw this? http://support.webs.com/webs/topics/new_sitebuilder_sb3_is_here?page=3
[20:50] Teoalida: Ctrl+F and search Teoalida
[20:50] Teoalida: I have the LARGEST negative feedback (largest negative feedback about Webs SiteBuilder3)
[20:50] Teoalida: I got 100 daily visitors after 1 year
[20:50] Teoalida: no idea what hapened after
[20:51] Teoalida: Also, depend of content... you offer pirated stuff, I offer design services = MONEY
[20:51] Visitor: I tried on sitebuilder3, but I didn't like it, I like HTML website as I can change them according to my needs
[20:51] Teoalida: Many people love piracy but not many are looking for designers
[20:53] Visitor: Actually I tell you honestly, so far nobody has downloaded any game from my site...
[20:53] Teoalida: I reached 1000 visits in 2 MONTHS only with a Blogspot site offering pirated stuff
[20:54] Teoalida: before website being suspended
[20:54] Visitor: I just target the special thing I can't explain to anybody
[20:54] Teoalida: So I am not surprised to have only 150 visitors on your website
[20:54] Teoalida: but how do you know that nobody downloaded?
[20:55] Visitor: That's too a secret, sorry, I always keep my mind searching for new
[20:56] Visitor: I told you how i earn 20 credits each day, it's enough for you to know this secret, instead you are limited to 10 credits
[20:57] Teoalida: Doesn't work if I have same version of credits toolbar
[20:58] Teoalida: I explained enough on this page
[20:58] Teoalida: btw, I accumulaed 3000 credits, suggest me what to do with them
[20:59] Visitor: you better to get .com domain with these accumulation of 3000 credits
[20:59] Teoalida: the domain I have bought from 8 months ago
[21:00] Visitor: you think that you have bought it, but dear check your url it still shows teoalida.webs.com
[21:00] Teoalida: You idiot...
[21:00] Teoalida: I told you to check my new website
[21:00] Teoalida: I don't see any visitor from India so you DID NOT checked
[21:01] Visitor: So what are you doing here, tell me why don't you work on your site
[21:02] Visitor: I think you should care teoalida.com more than teoalida.webs.com
[21:04] Teoalida: YOU IDIOT... I repeat: I have bought domain
www.teoalida.com from name.com, intended to use it for Webs.com but then I noticed that this is not possible, without transfering it that means extra money, and I don't want to pay a single cent to this shit hosting, so now I started a NEW website on Teoalida.com using 000webhost.com and I will move everything in about 1 month
[21:05] Visitor: Ok, I already got it, I just doubted what you do here
[21:06] Visitor: And moreover I can't see any advertisement about your new website on this page except this online window...
[21:09] Teoalida: Why I should advertise now?
[21:09] Teoalida: also, why I should speed up the moving?
[21:12] Teoalida: "tell me why don't you work on your site" <--- LOL??!! are you meaning about the NEW website? how you know that I don't work without visiting it?
[21:12] Teoalida: You could notice, all posts have date as August 2012, so I work at it
[21:25] Visitor 23321740 has left the conversation

Update: I started the new website on 8 August 2012 and I made the first public announcement of new website on 24 September 2012 when I finalized testing phase and moved The Sims 2 section.
The above chatlog is from 29 August 2012, why I should advertise an under-construction website?

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