Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012

The most updated Car Database

This website is no longer updated since November 2012
We are moved to NEW website
.com domain, paid hosting service, and updated files!
This page will be deleted at end of november, and replaced with a redirect, the page will be kept on a non-public URL for nostalgy purposes.

7 databases available, other database formats can be made at request!
Any reported errors will be corrected! (in case I did not corrected all myself already)

Car models list in .DOC format and Car models timeline chart in .XLS format. Both FULL versions for free download, showing all models manufactured after World War II, with production years sorted by classes and production years. Currently 65 75 79 marques are included, from Europe, Asia, America, Australia, even the ones not imported in Europe... tell me what else to add?
I am planning a Car models LIST in .XLS format. Who want it, please tell me if I should include the production start and end year too, on one or on two columns.

Car Database List in .DOC format and Car Database Timeline in .XLS format sorted by classes and years. Both files contains dimensions (length, width, height, wheelbase), for cars from World War II to 2013, and for cars made after 1990s contains weigth and engine range by displacement and power too. The timeline table shows how the cars evoluted over last 60 years, also it allow you to compare all cars at once and apply filters.
SAMPLE files, the full versions contains 57 now 63 marques, 500 European models now 1100+ models, European, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian and American car models.
Initialliy it contained only European cars, avoiding others because is impossible to get info about ALL models from each Asian brand, but in 2012 I decided to include the rest of world too, virtually ALL cars available on European market (and a little more), pre-1980s non-European cars may be missing.

The BIG Car Database in .XLS format with over 7800 model versions from 57 brands, manufactured since 1990s onwards (even 1950s onwards in case of BMW, Mercedes and Porsche) to 2009 (last AutoCatalog release in my country) showing European market.
Contains technical sheet like engine type, displacement, power, torque, acceleration 0-100 kmph, max speed, fuel efficiency. Since it was a hard work for me, I cannot give the database free, I show a SAMPLE with one marque. Not the best, not my favorite, just a random marque.
I can buy german AutoKatalog and update it, but so far I am disappointed due of very low interest for it to worth my time (most visitors are interested in other database, with dimensions.

Automobile Production per country from 1999 to 2011, table and chart in .XLS format. Do you know which country is leading in car manufacturing?

Car classes size, table and graph in .XLS format, it shows common car classes sizes and how they grown like crazy from 1960 to 2010. Made based on Car Database Timeline.

Bonus: FREE updates to customers who pay me!!
Contact me for details and payment.

New: buy the full files through my Web Store. After long time and several (quite few, unfortunately) chats with visitors contacting me to make the deal, I have fixed a selling price and made the Web Store.

Some visitors are spending over 30 min on this page.
Can you take 1 min and leave a comment, what are you looking for?
I am disappointed, I made a great work and... just 1 of 50 visitors contact me, asking a couple of questions then made the deal.
I see people searching on Google for example "european car database" (exactly what I offer), clicking all files multiple times, looking in Web Store, 30 min, without contacting me. Somewhat was better without Web Store, people had to contact me to make the deal and I could ask what are they looking for.
Apparently they really need a database, but... either want it for FREE, either... I have no idea!
Let's be serious... you cannot find anywhere a database of this size, and FREE too!

online surveys

The preview files are from April 2012
The full files are being updated ANYTIME when I find new cars or a customer ask for update, who pay always get LATEST version.
Big update April 2012:
Added 5 10 more brands in models list (added Perodua, Proton, Samsung, SsangYong and 6 minor brands)
Added asian and american brands in the database.
I saved the XLS files in Database sheet, previously they were saved in Legend sheet and probably some people who download them may not knew that an Excel file may have multiple sheets, saw only the legend (introduction) and though that I sell nothing?
I also added screenshots of XLS files, as some visitors told me that can't open files because did not had Excel installed.
Automobile Production has been added in July 2012.
Small update September 2012: I added 4 more brands: NSU, Trabant, Wartburg, as well as Isdera.
Page rewritten, after a buyer asked a bunch of questions (thank you), for easier understand for future customers.
November 2012: added Reliant (I saw at TopGear crashing a Reliant Robin and decided to add the brand all 12 models too).

Probably useful for both buyers of new cars and used cars.
The files are intended for downloading and viewing in Microsoft Word and Excel. They are not displayed correctly in Google Docs.
Someone asked me for mysql database... I have no idea how MySQL works, give me an example?

63 brands included in the database (model list contains even more brands):
Europe: Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, CitroŽn, Dacia, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, Isdera, Koeggnisegg, Lada, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, Mercedes, Mini, NSU, Opel, Pagani, Peugeot, Porsche, Reliant, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Talbot, Trabant, Volkswagen, Volvo, Wartburg.
Asia: Daewoo, Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Perodua, Proton, Samsung, SsangYong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota.
America: Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Hummer, Jeep (only these are imported in Europe).
Did I missed anything?

2 people reported small car dimension differences compared with some online car databases, both were referring at Ford models, probably Ford sell on different markets with different bumpers, or they just messed up the data.

The old screenshots for preview

A brief history - the idea of my car database

My passion for automobiles began suddently in 1999. Simply while walking to school I was attracted by cars and I started counting the brands. My list contained about 50, I omitted all american brands as well as sport brands like Ferrari and Aston Martin since these were never seen on streets.
I had lack of sources of information, in first years my parents rarely bought me car magazines, also the car magazines show new launched models, rather than a worldwide list of cars or historical models, like an encyclopedia. Fortunately I got an Auto Catalog which appears once per year, based on German Auto Katalog from Auto Motor und Sport, it contains about 160 brands with about 2000 (almost) worldwide models.
After 2005 thanks to the internet connection and Wikipedia, I got information about older cars, however with incomplete data.

I have an obsession for making tables and statistics about everything. Since I had a computer, knowledge of Microsoft World and Excel, and free time, was obviously that I began to write my own automobile encyclopedia. Note: that times I did not had internet connection so I could not get inspired from any online car database, so the idea entirely belongs of me, praise me for this!
An easy project was Models List (in Word) and Models Timeline (in Excel) of car models, by manufacturer and car classes, with years of production (no other data).
One project was to grab any information about each car model from all possible sources, meaning all car magazines that came in my hands, made in .DOC format. I wanted to include car photos but I had photos with too few cars in my computer. Project abandoned in 2003 due of being too time-consuming work and messy results.
Probably the most important project was the one started in 2003, an Excel table with all model variants with only 7 technical data for time economy and clean-looking. Initially it was an experiment with just 100 models, but in early 2004 I decided to expand it to worldwide, the first final version launched in january 2005 had 3600 worldwide models made from mid-1990s onwards, but was still incomplete in case of non-european brands or SUVs that I hate. I constantly updated it with new models thanks to new editions of Auto Catalog. I also added some older models (however with incomplete data) thanks to the internet connection and Wikipedia, so it reached 6000 model versions in january 2007 and over 7500 today.
Another project was Models Plus, now renamed as Car Database Lite, cannot remember when I began it but I was undecided and changed the format too many times until 2005, it did not had any final version until 2010, when it reached about 500 European models.
In the same period I have started more .DOC and .XLS databases but I do not see them so important to worth updating them and post here.
I would love to add photos in .DOC files, but I am undecided how... One photo per model? base body version or random body version? Front view, side view or random angle?

Local friends praised my work (although some said that I waste time doing useless things) and asked me why I do not sell the car database via internet? So in late 2010 I decided to do a FULL update for 6 of the files and posted them on my personal website! I updated them again in 2011 and in April 2012.
What do you think?

General review about car trends... by Teoalida

Today the average lifetime of a car model is from 6 years for compact and medium cars to 8 years for mini and luxury cars. Is normal for cars to grow over years, as technology advances and more gadgets should be included under body, but in Europe since 1990s, the cars are growing crazy with about 10-20 cm per model change, which is exaggerate based on technology evolution!!
Seems that all European companies wants to make a car bigger than competitor's cars of same class. This causes an average class size increase of 2 cm in length per year, cars get fatter also in width, this is an issue for parking design, since in most countries the parking lots are 2.5 m width and today even compact cars are over 1.8 m. This non-natural grow causes companies to abandon large classes cars and create smaller classes of cars.
How the late-2000s recession will influence automotive industry?
We will see... the average work time for new car models is 3-4 years, so the first crisis-cars should be launched in 2011 and 2012.

Dimension of typical car classes:
50 years ago the european car classes were: small (3.5 m), compact (3.8 m), medium (4.1 m), large (4.5 m), luxury (4.8 m).
Today main car classes are: mini (3.6 m), small (4.0 m), compact (4.3 m), medium (4.7 m), large (4.9 m), luxury (5.1 m).
Probably in the year 2050 the cars classes will be nano (3.5 m), micro (4.0 m), mini (4.5 m), small (5.0 m), compact cars were rare like today's Maybach, while medium-class cars were definitely gone!!
With other words, in 1960s most cars were the "medium" ones, being 4 meter in length, in 1990s "compact" cars became common, being again 4 meters in length, in 2010s "small" cars enjoy growing popularity, having the same length of 4 meters.
Also, what the fuck are the crazy supersport engines on regular cars? Example: 2008 Audi RS6 with 580 horsepower. Most today cars, even in their base model, can reach over 200 kmph, while most today highways have speed limit up to 130 kmph. Also who needs to reach 100 kmph in under 5 seconds?

American car classes are different named. Do not confuse American compact-size with European compact cars, is just a coincidence that today they have same size. American mid-size are priced like European medium-class but are long like European large-class, American full-size equals with European luxury cars as dimensions but they are less luxury.
Before 1973 oil crisis, the sizes of american cars were compact-size 4.7 m, mid-size 5.2 m, full-size 5.7 m. While in Europe everything was growing, the American cars had successive downsizing starting from 1977 to 1990s.

CAUSES of grown in classes size:
Some brands do not follow the common class sizes, making cars with intermediate sizes, these are usually considered being part of the smaller class, causing further increase in average class size and further aggravating the problem.
Many European brands abandoned their large-class cars due of poor sales, and replaced their medium-class models with a new model which is closer to large-class than to medium-class as size and price, further aggravating the problem.
No wonder that these cars had poorer sales than their predecessors, since most buyers choose cars based on car size, engine size, price, not based on model name or designated class.
In 1980s, 15 European manufacturers had large-class cars in lineup, of which only 7 survived as 2010, and 2 new manufacturers entered (Jaguar and Skoda).

2 examples:
Ford: 1993 Mondeo I (sedan 4556 mm), 2000 Mondeo II (sedan 4731 mm), 2007 Mondeo III (sedan 4844 mm). As you can see, 29 cm increase in 14 years.
Opel: 2002 Vectra C (sedan 4596 mm, station wagon 4822 mm) replaced both 1995 Vectra B (sedan 4477 mm, station wagon 4490 mm) and 1994 Omega B (sedan 4787 mm, station wagon 4819 mm). As you can see, the estate version got a HUGE 33 cm increase in just 7 years, being even longer than previous large-class Omega B Caravan.
Obviously the compact-class Ford Focus and Opel Astra were replaced with bigger models to fit the gap to growing medium-class brothers.
Prestige brands like BMW and Mercedes adds only 5 centimeters per model change, this caused some compact-class cars to overtake their medium-class cars in length. Example 2005 Volkswagen Jetta V (4554 mm) overtook 2005 BMW 3-series (4531 mm). The gap between medium-class and large-class or luxury-class is smaller and smaller.
Japanese car evolution is more stable, they do not increase cars so crazy, also they do not install bigger engines than necessary.

Europe should urgently implement a tax system similar with Japanese one for Kei cars, taxes depending not only by engine size but also by car size, this would make manufacturers to stick under some size limits...


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Website grew to 50 pages and over 200 daily visitors in 2012, too much for a FREE hosting like Webs.com.

In 2012 I started a new website: teoalida.com using WordPress platform, paid domain name and paid hosting, and moved all my portfolio from Webs to Wordpress. The new website grew to 800 daily visitors as 2014 and my hobbies turned into BUSINESS!

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