Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012

Architecture and housing around the World
Research and comparison between countries

All countries moved to the NEW website www.teoalida.com on 25-27 octomber

I love exploring the world via Google Earth, Street View and websites so I made this page to review many countries and compare them, with much attention to living conditions, housing and apartment buildings, also infrastructure and public transport.

The page reached 100 KB in length, as 24 May 2012 I decided to split it page in individual for each region, do you like the idea?

Countries studied so far:
Europe: Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Romania, Turkey, etc
America: USA, Mexico, but mostly I studied Brazil, since 2011
Singapore (most extensive studying, since 2008)
Hong Kong & Macao (extensive studying, since 2011)
North Korea
South Korea (currently under extensive studying, as 2012)
India (newly added 2012)
Philippines (newly added 2012)
... which country should be added?

Curious which country have the biggest houses in the world?
After extensive studies I realized that the houses and apartments sizes not really reflects the country wealth or land area, but reflects more the climate and lifestyle. Some examples:
USA and Australia houses are the biggest in the world due of lifestyle "bigger is better, waste resources", house sizes in USA varies greatly from north (cold) areas to south (hot) coastal areas. East Asian countries are wealthy but the houses are smaller due of lifestyle "don't built more than necessary". Malaysia houses are one of the biggest in the world due of equatorial climate and multi-generation family lifestyle. Russia, despite of being the biggest country, had in 1980s the smallest apartment sizes in Europe and in communist world. Some Romanian 2-room public apartments built in 1980s, despite of poorer country, are bigger than some 4-room Hong Kong private apartments built today.

About me

I created teoalida.webs.com in April 2009 to publish my portfolio of projects made by me, primarily AutoCAD and architectural design, as well as articles about real estate, games, etc... all my hobbies.

Website grew to 50 pages and over 200 daily visitors in 2012, too much for a FREE hosting like Webs.com.

In 2012 I started a new website: teoalida.com using WordPress platform, paid domain name and paid hosting, and moved all my portfolio from Webs to Wordpress. The new website grew to 800 daily visitors as 2014 and my hobbies turned into BUSINESS!

Conclusion: starting a business using Webs.com was a huge mistake. I could have been richer today if I would have started with WordPress from first time.

Example: teoalida.webs.com/apartmentdesignold.htm
Moved to teoalida.com/design/apartmentplans

I keep on teoalida.webs.com only the home page and few pages about Webs.com, to teach other startup businesses to not make same mistakes like me, to turn people away from using Webs.com services, and to show you tricks for webdesign & SEO.