Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012

Traffic Stats of one of the biggest websites hosted on Webs.com

Curious how many visitors I have and from which countries are them?
Here I show you... not only that, but also the most frequent Google searches and entrance page of visitors, so you can see which pages have biggest contribution to website traffic! More statistics available at request!

Webs.com is often used for personal blogs, gaming clans and other stupid websites who never go more than several dozens visitors per day.
Traffic since November 2012 onwards can be seen on www.teoalida.com/about/trafficstats/

Traffic of all-year 2012

The sharp peaks on 9 Feb, 3 May and 29 May are due Facebook and forums promotions. I love that people promote my website, but I hate such fluctuations in visitor graph.
The softer peaks at end of March and Octomber are due of HDB Sales twice per year, for one week people searching for floor plans find my website.
The hole in January is NOT website downtime, but visitors were tracked in different channel. See how Clicky trick works.

Growing over last 5 months

April - 4295 visitors - 143.17 per day
May - 4661 visitors - 150.35 per day
June - 4174 visitors = 139.13 per day
July - 4767 visitors = 153.77 per day
August - 5225 visitors = 168.55 per day
September - 6301 visitors = 210.03 per day
Octomber - 7208 visitors = 232.52 per day!!

Traffic of September 2012

Last month of entire website. Games section has been moved in early Oct, Housing around the World moved in 25 Oct, Singapore HDB on 2 Nov...

Traffic of Octomber 2012

... this website will die soon, BUT the new website www.teoalida.com may get double traffic!

is the best and most detailed real-time traffic monitoring service, and Webs.com is partner with it. I check everyday the visitors list and see what pages, image click or downloads made each visitor. I use the statistics to improve and correct problems of my website, for example if I see a visitor clicking multiple times same link, it may be broken so I check it, or I look at google searches to enhance SEO.

I can see IPs, operating system and browser, but these info have no purpose for me.
Some people are afraid that exposing their IPs allow others to hack their computers, this is a MYTH. Anyone can get anyone's IPs quite easy, using Yahoo Messenger, this does not mean that your security is in danger. Over 1 billion people use internet, exposing their IPs, none get harmed! You cannot be identified by IP, unless you clone banking websites or other illegal stuff, and police ask your ISP to give the name and address.

How much bandwidth use a website with 100 daily visitors?

Webs.com is one of the most-limited hosting. See my own Webs.com Review.
Only 500 MB monthly bandwidth for free users (only if you exceed bandwidth with double, the website will be suspended until end of month).

In 2010, ~80 daily visitors I estimated that 500 MB will be enough for 400 daily visitors.
BUT... over time I expanded the website, adding new and longer pages, I optimized it, reducing bounce ratio (visitors who come and leave website without clicking anything), now visitors browse multiple pages and eat more bandwidth.
I exceeded 500 MB in January 2012 despite of having only 100 daily visitors, getting a warning but no suspension.
I exceeded 1000 MB in April, and by this way I found when the website deactivation actually happen. I bought additional 1 GB bandwidth.
I exceeded 1.5 GB too in September, the peak being 2.1 GB in Octomber for ~230 daily visitors...
I may have reach 300 visitors until end of year and exceed bandwidth even harder if I did not started in September 2012 to gradually move to www.teoalida.com.

Statistics of a GROWING website

I love making statistics about everything, here I count the size (in KB) of the pages of my website.
Probably USELESS for you, you can see that my website is actually GROWING... some blame me for lack of updates, but if you would visit me regularly you will see that every week I add or change something!

This is the list all pages that teoalida.webs.com HAD until 2012
Most of them are now deleted/hidden from here and placed on teoalida.com instead

PAGE Jan-12 Aug-12 Final
Introduction pages
HOME page 10.2 10.7 10.3
About Me + Biography - 11.4 17.4
More biography 10.1 5.7 7.1
Website statistics - - 8.1
Traffic statistics - 1.9 5.5
Architecture - Design Rules 12.0 12.0 12.0
Architecture - Design Archive 29.2 29.2 33.3
Architecture - Apartment Design 34.0 43.9 44.1
Architecture - House Design 16.2 21.7 29.8
Palace Design 14.1 14.1 16.4
Car Design 4.4 4.4 4.8
AutoCAD Settings 4.1 4.1 4.1
Miscellaneous Design - - 3.4
Car Database 10.0 15.0 18.7
Gaming portfolio
The Sims 2 37.0 61.4 61.4 *
Caesar 3 12.8 24.9 24.9
Age of Empires - - 4.6
Beetle Crazy Cup 2.4 2.4 2.4
Grand Theft Auto 1.1 1.1 1.1
Need For Speed 1.1 1.4 1.4
Best Cities in the World 11.4 12.4 12.6
Housing around the World 77.5 - -
Europe 12.0 * 15.2 16.8
America 10.4 * 14.6 17.1
Singapore 15.9 * 20.6 21.8
Malaysia 2.5 * 3.6 4.2
Japan 3.8 * 4.4 4.5
South Korea 8.7 * 16.7 19.2
North Korea 2.3 * 4.7 4.5
China 2.7 * 4.8 4.4
Hong Kong 15.3 * 16.2 16.6
Philippines - 3.3 3.2
India - 2.8 3.3
Singapore HDB floor plans 64.7 84.9 94.8
Singapore HDB flat types - 4.5 6.4
Singapore HDB statistics 8.3 10.9 11.6
Singapore HDB BTO & DBSS list 59.5 76.9 84.4
Singapore HDB SERS sites 19.0 21.0 22.1
Singapore HDB HUDC list 6.3 6.3 8.8
Singapore EC list - 6.0 6.3
Singapore Condo list 17.0 17.0 17.4
Singapore most beautiful houses 12.0 12.0 11.9
Hong Kong floor plans 40.5 42.4 40.6
Hong Kong statistics 7.5 4.4 8.7
For Webs.com users
Webs Review - - 10.3
Webs Tips & Tricks - 3.0 5.5
Webs Credits Toolbar - 3.8 5.9
Webs template list - 6.5 6.5
Other pages
Life in my country 29.2 27.4 31.0
Funny chat - 29.8 29.8
Music Database - 2.4 2.4
RO pages
Micul Trianon Floresti 18.0 18.0 18.2
Romania 3.0 3.9 3.9
Harta Ploiesti 5.7 9.6 9.8

* the 9 country/region pages were a single page Housing around the World, until May 2012.
* The Sims 2 page would be over 100 KB but I choose to no longer update it since Aug 2012, all new stuff made meantime was posted on www.teoalida.com/thesims/ instead, for purpose of testing Wordpress platform and move entire website in the future.
All other pages (except About Me and Webs-relates pages) has been transferred to www.teoalida.com during Octomber-December 2012.

January 2012: 30 public pages, 578.3 KB, 100 daily visitors, 600 MB bandwidth per month.
August 2012: 50 public pages, 775.2 KB, 170 daily visitors, 1.5 GB bandwidth per month.
Octomber 2012: 53 public pages, 875.2 KB, 230 daily visitors, 2.1 GB bandwidth per month.
(excluding several private, hidden pages)

Probably I would had 300 daily visitors at end of world 2012 if I did not choose to move to teoalida.com ... but it, being WordPress-based, may be better optimized and reach even more visitors than the Webs.com-based website!
Probably my website is one of the biggest websites hosted on Webs.com, where FREE users are limited to 10 pages and 500 MB bandwidth per month!


About me

I created teoalida.webs.com in April 2009 to publish my portfolio of projects made by me, primarily AutoCAD and architectural design, as well as articles about real estate, games, etc... all my hobbies.

Website grew to 50 pages and over 200 daily visitors in 2012, too much for a FREE hosting like Webs.com.

In 2012 I started a new website: teoalida.com using WordPress platform, paid domain name and paid hosting, and moved all my portfolio from Webs to Wordpress. The new website grew to 800 daily visitors as 2014 and my hobbies turned into BUSINESS!

Conclusion: starting a business using Webs.com was a huge mistake. I could have been richer today if I would have started with WordPress from first time.

Example: teoalida.webs.com/apartmentdesignold.htm
Moved to teoalida.com/design/apartmentplans

I keep on teoalida.webs.com only the home page and few pages about Webs.com, to teach other startup businesses to not make same mistakes like me, to turn people away from using Webs.com services, and to show you tricks for webdesign & SEO.