Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012

Webs.com REVIEW

New website: http://www.teoalida.com/webdesign/webs-com-review/

Written by me, with 5 years experience in webdesign...

If you want a personal blog, a family photo album, a gaming clan forum or something else really stupid, go with Webs.com.
If you want a professional website and you want to appear on 1st page of Google, and get over 100 daily visitors, STAY AWAY FROM WEBS.COM!!!!

DON'T be an idiot and upgrade to Webs.com Premium plans to get features that you can get for FREE via Tips & Tricks or on other free hosting services!

Webs.com was launched in 2001 at a time when not many free good web hosts existed on internet. It host over 40 million websites, however most of them are currently abandoned and forgotten by their creators.
Webs.com seems to cater the lowest segment of the web development industry, aka children and people with no coding knowledge and low expectations, as Webs.com offer easy-to-use SiteBuilder but do not offer flexibility that experienced web developers would like to have.
Free accounts are extremely limited compared with other free hosting services, and you get a lot of pop-ups telling you to upgrade, as well as weekly emails about Premium services with 50% off... but these Premium services lack features that should exists at any professional hosting service (see below What you CANNOT do on Webs.com).
While most web hosting services add over time new features in their free plans, Webs.com marketing strategy is opposite: from time to time, they remove features from free accounts and tell you to upgrade to Premium in order to continue using them.

Webs.com offer a tiny 42 MB storage space and stupid 500 MB monthly bandwidth, unchanged since at least 2008. If you exceed bandwidth, you will get a message threatening that your site is in danger of being deactivated, telling you to upgrade (seen in the above photo).
You can stay calm, the deactivation occur only if you exceed 200% of the bandwidth, and it will be automatically reactivated at the monthly reset date of bandwidth.

Webs.com became a bigger, bigger, bigger SHIT

One of website visitors told me that in early times, Webs.com was limited to 7 pages and 7 paragraphs per page. Does anyone know when the limit was increased to 20 pages?
- In mid-2011 Webs.com reduced the page limit to 10 instead of 20 for free accounts, I did not understood this marketing strategy, as nowadays there is a trend of web hosts to move to unlimited pages.
- In June 2012 Webs launched the "revolutionary" SiteBuilder3, "easiest to use" for any NOOB, using drag-and-drop interface with modules for text, photos, etc. SiteBuilder3 removed the ability to switch from WYSIWYG to HTML editor (useful for newbies to learn HTML codes), but you can add a Custom HTML module, it also remove CSS, ability to have a sidebar that update for all pages, and other must-have features, motivating that "too few of our users are using them". They are no longer available even for premium accounts. Sites created after June 2012 use SiteBuilder3, sites created earlier can keep their classic SiteBuilder or be converted to SiteBuilder3 without option to convert back.
- In January 2014 Webs.com disabled the Custom HTML module for free users, so you need to upgrade in order to add widgets, polls, facebook comment boxes, games, etc, motivating that many people are using it fraudulently (what a lie! - in 12 years of Webs.com history were no such remarks). This caused anger over Support Forum (SiteBuilder3 only, who still have old SiteBuilder, can still add widgets from HTML paragraph editor). However in SiteBuilder3 this can be overcome by uploading HTML pages in File Manager.
- On 22 September 2014 Webs.com set a new limit to 5 pages and additional features were removed from free accounts, in desperate attempt to force people paying for premium services (but since Webs.com is catering lowest segment of web, aka children, how do they expect to be able to pay them?).
Webs turned from a professional website maker into a NOOB-ONLY website maker!
No wonder that less and less people use Webs.com!

Note: Webs.com sites made before June 2012 (like my own website) retain the classic SiteBuilder and the great features, widgets, custom HTML, etc. Notice my custom-made sidebar and LIVE CHAT widget in bottom-left corner? This cannot be done on new Webs.com sites!

For a NOOB with no HTML knowledge, Webs may be a good place for start (with its easy-to-use Site Builder).
For my webdesign skill, Webs is NOT a good choice, since 2012 I regret that I choose it in 2009, and decided for my future websites to use Blogspot.com, Wordpress.com, 000webhost.com.
I NEVER saw any other web hosting so limited like Webs!
PLEASE raise the limits to at least 20 pages and 2 GB bandwidth!
Who the fuck will pay for premium package to get unlimited pages, more bandwidth, ability to add HTML, etc, as long there are so many other web hosting services offering these features for FREE?

How I started using Webs.com

In 2007 I found some nice websites hosted on Webs.com. Later I tested Blogspot and WordPress... today many idiots have blogs to write their diary, personally I wanted something more professional, a WEBSITE with static pages rather than a BLOG with posts sorted by date, so when I made this as my personal website in April 2009, I choose Webs.com.
Later I saw numerous professional blogs. Still, blogs are good for single-target, newsy websites updated regularly, while my website is multi-target.
Webs.com have a variety of templates that makes it great for personal websites and home businesses. This fooled me to make this bad choice.
Webs.com nice applications such as Blog, Calendar, Forum, Guestbook, Photos, WebStore, etc, that fooled other people (personally I did not use any of them, except Blog).

How I migrated away from Webs.com bullshit

I bought domain teoalida.com from Name.com for $10, being disappointed that I cannot use it for teoalida.webs.com unless I upgrade (I did not had 3000 credits to buy the domain for free from Webs.com). But I do not want to pay a single cent to this SHIT hosting named Webs.com.
My growing website reached 50-pages (see Traffic Stats page), including a BIG page Singapore HDB Floor Plans that became extremely popular, causing my website to get deactivated for exceeding bandwidth. That page was also the biggest, text itself was around 100 KB, and all images were hosted on third-party site, and being the landing page for 40% of the 100+ daily visitors, thus was eating 5 MB bandwidth per day, 150 MB per month, and considering that almost half of people were browsing other pages as well, I quickly exceeded the 500 MB bandwidth limit. I bought additional 1 GB bandwidth using 1000 credits in March 2012, but several months later I reached 200+ daily visitors and exceeded the expanded bandwidth too.
So, instead of buying another domain name when I accumulated 3000 credits and upgrade bandwidth again, in August 2012 I decided to create a NEW website hosted on 000webhost.com FREE hosting with 100 GB monthly bandwidth, under teoalida.com domain name, and transferred all the personal and business pages to the new website (I let on the Webs.com website only the four pages "for Webs.com users" and home page, for people who bookmarked it along time).
Rule: FIRST, be sure that you have a proper hosting with enough bandwidth and professional features, THEN buy a domain name!

Credits can be earned using Webs Credits Toolbar.

Review of other hosting services

After 3 months of using it, I realized that 000webhost.com SUCKS too!
Beside the 100 GB monthly bandwidth (highest for a FREE hosting), it have hidden limitations such as 20%+ CPU usage limit (I wasn't aware). After 3 months in which everything was good, I started moving high-traffic content to new website, and during November 2012 it was suspended 3 times.
On 6 November got suspended due of the WordPress SPAM bots leaving comments, I installed a Captcha plugin to prevent it. Got unsuspended automatically at midnight.
On 12 November got suspended for CPU usage after someone posted my link on Facebook and sent me 800 visitors. Got unsuspended automatically at midnight.
On 28 November got suspended for CPU usage despite of having usual 200 daily visitors and still got suspended, midnight passed without being unsuspended, so I submitted a ticket after 36 hours and someone replied that I should be patient and I will be unsuspended in 24 hours. LOL! Only in 3rd day an employee told me that I will NOT be unsuspended and I need to upgrade to hosting24.com ($4.84 per month) to get website back. I believe that they noticed that my website is money-making and THEY decided to suspend it and refuse to unsuspend, to get some money from me.
So currently I am paying Hosting24 for my primary website (www.teoalida.com), and I learned few things that I like to share with you:

If you are looking for FREE hosting, be aware that all free services have limitations, but no other is more limited like Webs.com. www.ucoz.com, www.weebly.com, www.wix.com have higher storage and bandwidth limits than Webs.com, but they running on same principle, offering you to choose a pre-made template and limited freedom of customization. I recommend you Blogger.com and WordPress.com... or, you want the freedom of a paid hosting, try 000webhost.com as long as you do not have more than several hundred visitors to hit the CPU usage limit.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_free_web_hosting_services.

If you can afford a PAID hosting, pay a professional hosting service, with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, PHP and MySQL, for prices starting from $5 per month. Webs.com, even in the most expensive plan, DO NOT offer any of these!
A hosting service is not professional unless if it offer PHP and MySQL support, so you can install a CMS and you have the freedom to customize them up to limit of imagination!
Examples: hostgator.com, bluehost.com, dreamhost.com, www.inmotionhosting.com, hosting24.com, etc.
All these offer PHP, MySQL, UNLIMITED storage and bandwidth. But beware, unlimited does mean that you can grow a website to infinite. They have other limits, such as CPU usage limits, simultaneous processes limit, MySQL limit.
How much traffic you can have before getting suspended for exceeding CPU usage, depends by what CMS do you use (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, etc, or plain HTML website), and what plugins you install over them. Certain plugins are very CPU hungry.
Normally, a well optimized website can run with several thousand visitors per day on a shared server (about $5 per month), if you have more traffic, you need to upgrade to a VPS (about 20$ per month).

The question will be which one have few sites hosted on a shared server, thus allowing higher traffic before hitting the limit?
One thing is sure: if you have several hundred visitors per day, you are supposed to be able to pay hosting.
Of course, DO NOT be an idiot and pay hosting on Webs.com! (see below: What you CANNOT do on Webs.com)

Blogspot.com vs WordPress.com comparison
- You can put Adsense on Blogger but not on WordPress.
- You can upload any kind of files on WordPress but only images on Blogger.
- You can add a paid domain name on Blogger for free, but on WordPress.com will cost you additional $5.
- WordPress have 10 GB bandwidth (20x more than Webs.com!), Blogger bandwidth is unknown, probably unlimited.
Which is better between blogger.com and wordpress.com? Hard to decide, depending by what do you want!
Obviously the best is to download the blogging platform from WordPress.org (not .com) and install it on a PAID hosting, by this way you enjoy no restrictions imposed by blogs hosted on WordPress.com (or on 000webhost.com as long you do not have too much traffic to get suspended for 20%+ CPU usage limit, like me).

Please do not confuse paid DOMAIN with paid HOSTING!
You can have for example www.teoalida.com instead of www.teoalida.webs.com without paying for hosting.
Many noobs get fooled by the fact that Webs.com offer FREE domain if you purchase 1 year of hosting, while Blogger do not sell domains. But you can have a .com .org .net website for only $10 per year by buying domain from a registrar like www.name.com or www.godaddy.com, host the website for free on Blogger, and attach the domain to Blogger at NO EXTRA FEE. Webs do not allow attaching domain names bought from other registrars, unless you have premium account on Webs, OR transfer the domain to Webs at an additional fee of $15. Domains bought from Webs.com are overpriced, 30$ per year.
If you will eventually get pissed off by Webs limitations and lack of features in SiteBuilder, and want to move to another hosting service, if you bought the domain from Webs, you will have to pay additional fee to attach domain to another website at other hosting company. You are WARNED!

What you CANNOT do on Webs.com

What you CANNOT ever do on Webs.com (not even with paying accounts)
- A 404 page, or redirect to home page when visitors enter an invalid URL (possible on WordPress)
- Export/backup the website (possible on most free hostings, including Blogspot and WordPress)
- 301 redirect and .htaccess (typically only in paid hosting, and on 000webhost.com)
- Use any form of PHP and MySQL (typically only in paid hosting, and on 000webhost.com)
- Having customer support that actually READ your questions instead of copy-pasting a stupid answer!

What you CANNOT do with SiteBuilder3 (and you could do with SiteBuilder1/2)
- Use FTP (in SiteBuilder1/2 was a premium-only feature)
- Customizing template with CSS
- Switch editor to HTML mode instead of WYSIWYG for advanced editing, add ALT and TITLE tags for images
- Adding any HTML code, needed to add widgets and scripts from other third-party websites (since January 2014, unless you pay for premium services).
- Inserting multiple images per paragraph (not sure)
- Text wrap around image (not sure)
- Easy copying of text and images from one page to another
- Having a sidebar that updates on all pages at once
- Having a sidebar that you can edit, on Application pages
- Insert music on background (unnecessary, unprofessional, childish feature)
- Insert polls, shoutboxes, comments, and other widgets
- Adding a chat widget, a must-have for the sites selling stuff or offering services (notice my chat in lower-right corner? it uses Javascript which is not possible on SiteBuilder3)

What you CAN do on Webs.com but cannot do on Blogspot.com
- Having applications, photos, forums, etc
- Upload files

What you CAN do on Webs.com but cannot do on WordPress.com
- Having applications, photos, forums, etc

What you CAN do on Webs.com but cannot do on WordPress.org on a professional hosting
- Probably nothing (with tons of plugins for WordPress, the only limit is your imagination)

Please tell me me more things that you cannot do on Webs.com! Leave comments!

Webs.com SiteBuilder 3... SUCKS!!

In June 2012 Webs launched SiteBuilder3, "easiest to use" but it remove a lot of MUST-HAVE features. Also they and removed the option of choosing which SiteBuilder we want to use. Only websites made before June 2012 remain forever on SiteBuilder 1/2 unless you decide to convert to SiteBuilder 3. The conversion is one-way, you cannot convert from SiteBuilder 3 to Sitebuilder 1/2, but the old website is kept as backup for 7 days time in which you can restore the SiteBuilder 1/2 (changes made with SiteBuilder 3 will be lost).

Since NOW I do not recommend anymore Webs.com!!
THIS website is an example of what we could do with SiteBuilder 1/2. But I started a new website and I am SAD that I am forced to use this shit called SiteBuilder 3. I have one great website but I don't enjoy making more websites on Webs.com.
There are a lot of better alternatives, such as blogger.com, wordpress.com or 000webhost.com, all FREE.

Read here the BIG NEGATIVE feedback left by me http://support.webs.com/webs/topics/new_sitebuilder_sb3_is_here?page=3 (Ctrl+F and search "Teoalida")


About me

I created teoalida.webs.com in April 2009 to publish my portfolio of projects made by me, primarily AutoCAD and architectural design, as well as articles about real estate, games, etc... all my hobbies.

Website grew to 50 pages and over 200 daily visitors in 2012, too much for a FREE hosting like Webs.com.

In 2012 I started a new website: teoalida.com using WordPress platform, paid domain name and paid hosting, and moved all my portfolio from Webs to Wordpress. The new website grew to 800 daily visitors as 2014 and my hobbies turned into BUSINESS!

Conclusion: starting a business using Webs.com was a huge mistake. I could have been richer today if I would have started with WordPress from first time.

Example: teoalida.webs.com/apartmentdesignold.htm
Moved to teoalida.com/design/apartmentplans

I keep on teoalida.webs.com only the home page and few pages about Webs.com, to teach other startup businesses to not make same mistakes like me, to turn people away from using Webs.com services, and to show you tricks for webdesign & SEO.