Teoalida old website 2009-2012

Teoalida's old website 2009-2012

Webs.com Credits Toolbar

You can download Webs Credits Toolbar from
But it will not be useful anymore. Credits Shop was disabled!

Webs.com launched a toolbar in October 2009 I think, we could earn 10 credits daily (beside the 5 free daily credits available in Credit Shop and more) and spent them on goodies, personally I bought unlimited pages and extra bandwidth.
Since September 2011 the Webs Credits Toolbar was discontinued, by removing the download link from Webs.com home page, they said in the Webs Forum that we will no longer earn credits AND told us us to uninstall the toolbar (this is fucking funny!). Official reason is because is incompatible with "something", personal I think that the real reason is that people gained free credits too fast, they told us that we can sill earn credits by completing sponsors offers (they may be not free).
Personally I still have it installed, not one, but 2 toolbars installed, and I keep earning, 15-20 credits per day from toolbar plus 5 credits from Credit Shop, 1000+ credits earned from September 2011 to February 2012 when I saw Credit Toolbar Deprecation in Webs Forum, without even knowing that Webs.com supposedly discontinued it and I shall uninstall it since 5 months ago!!

I stopped using the toolbar in mid-2012 because I decided to make a new website on a paid professional hosting service with PHP and MySQL support, and stop using Webs.com for my business. I accumulated over 3000 credits earned and I have nothing to do with them.

Note: In December 2012 one of website visitors reported me that cannot earn credits because "No rewards until tomorrow", same thing happen at me. I do not know if is a temporary problem or Webs really did something to prevent us earning more credits using toolbar. Try yourself and tell us the results!

Credit Shop was discontinued

In 2013 a website visitor informed me that the Credits Shop does not exist in newly-created websites. I am not sure when, but more likely the Credits Shop has been disabled when at the launch of SiteBuilder3 in May 2012, this means that you can still earn credits, but you cannot use them to buy more storage, bandwidth or anything else to improve your website.
Credits Shop is available ONLY for websites created before May 2012 with SiteBuilder1/2 eventually converted to SiteBuilder3. Check yourself http://members.webs.com/s/credits/ and see if you have Credit Shop.

In 2015, after few months in which I did not logged in Webs anymore, I found that I no longer have Credits Shop for my website. Looks that Credits Shop was removed for all websites, making angry people who clicked daily to earn 5 credits hoping to accumulate 3000 credits to buy a free domain...

What we could buy with Webs Credits (until discontinuation)

Credit Shop Launch Special (get 5 free credits once a day) 0 Credits
Spotlight 10 credits
Extra 100Mb of web storage 100 Credits
Extra 500Mb of web storage 300 Credits
Premium Templates 500 Credits
Master Password - Password Protection 500 Credits
Extra 500 Webform Submissions 500 Credits
24/7 Live Chat Support 500 Credits
Rich Email Blasts 600 Credits
Unlimited Pages 800 Credits
1Gb extra bandwidth 1000 Credits
Domain Name Coupon 3000 Credits
25Gb extra bandwidth 5000 Credits
200Gb extra bandwidth 20000 Credits

Funny: how I had 2 toolbars installed
In 2009 when the Webs Credits Toolbar was launched, I downloaded and installed it, I searched but earned nothing. I was frustrated so I removed it from Internet Explorer. One month later I clicked again the download link, I installed again and I was surprised: I earned credits by searching! Then I had a second surprise, the first toolbar that I removed from Internet Explorer, was not completely uninstalled, so I had both toolbars same browser, earning up to 20 credits per day. They are not the same, one is 5.06 MB and other one 5.85 MB.
In March 2012 I tried to install the same Webs Toolbar multiple times, resulting multiple installations in Program Files, but only one instance of second toolbar appeared in Internet Explorer.
Today I think that the single way of having multiple Webs Credits Toolbars installed is if they are different versions. The above striketrough link is from first version, being 5.06 MB, but I don't have the installation kit of it.
I am sure that a skilled programmer can install the Webs Credits Toolbar manually, try running all .exe files with correct parameters, also try RegEdit and add the entries. If anyone succeeded, please share with us how you did!

Funny: instant credits
Toolbar warn you "Just search naturally through out your day - No fake searches or your rewards will be disabled". I did stupid searches, I never got anything disabled, but I noticed that I do not get credited if I search non-english words or if I search same word twice.
Since 2011 the protection for fake searches no longer exists. I can write any character (even a space) in the search box, press enter 10 times in 10 seconds (pressing 10 times in <2 seconds may not work) and earn instantly all the 10 daily credits!

I am asking all Webs users if anyone saved the installation .exe of the Webs Credits Toolbar.
Email me and I will put here the download link for all Webs users.
You can download Webs Credits toolbar the folder from my Program Files. However I didn't succeeded to make it working. I put the folder in Program Files, the problem is... how to make the toolbar to appear in Internet Explorer?

In a day of March I opened Internet Explorer and got a message "Click here for activate toolbar", I clicked and it sent me tohttp://members.webs.com/s/freecause/activation/creditsToolbar saying that toolbar was activated. Days later I was curious what happen if I open the activation page in Mozilla Firefox where I never had toolbar installed... SURPRISE:
I can download Webs Credits Toolbar from that page!!
Now I can reinstall Windows happy! Leave comments!

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Soon after I made this page (february 2012), some idiot made www.creditstoolbar.webs.com by copying my idea and some parts of my text, without my approval. He shall at least credit me with a link!
I am not sad for being copied, I am sad that the idiot did not placed any contact email on his website, I wished to contact him to collaborate for a better website.


About me

I created teoalida.webs.com in April 2009 to publish my portfolio of projects made by me, primarily AutoCAD and architectural design, as well as articles about real estate, games, etc... all my hobbies.

Website grew to 50 pages and over 200 daily visitors in 2012, too much for a FREE hosting like Webs.com.

In 2012 I started a new website: teoalida.com using WordPress platform, paid domain name and paid hosting, and moved all my portfolio from Webs to Wordpress. The new website grew to 800 daily visitors as 2014 and my hobbies turned into BUSINESS!

Conclusion: starting a business using Webs.com was a huge mistake. I could have been richer today if I would have started with WordPress from first time.

Example: teoalida.webs.com/apartmentdesignold.htm
Moved to teoalida.com/design/apartmentplans

I keep on teoalida.webs.com only the home page and few pages about Webs.com, to teach other startup businesses to not make same mistakes like me, to turn people away from using Webs.com services, and to show you tricks for webdesign & SEO.